Spiritual Sunday; Finding Joy In the Journey

Spiritual Sunday!

Today is about “Finding Joy”! So many of us feel as if we’re in such a struggle to “find” JOY.

I’ve searched all around the world for most of my life for something that would make me happy; men, alcohol, sex, money, success, other dark things…and each person and thing that I found broke my heart deeper than what it originally was.


NEW eBook! 5 Simple Steps to Developing Your Intuition & Increasing Your Confidence!

5 Simple Steps to Developing Your Intuition & Increasing Your Self-Confidence

Good Morning and Happy Monday-Time to get crack-a-lackin’ and booty-smackin’!

Monday is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start your week on a fresh note…

Speaking of fresh..IT’S HERE! My NEW eBOOK!


Do You Fear Telling People You Read the Tarot?

Do You Fear Telling People You Read the Tarot?

Seriously? Do you fear telling people that you read the Tarot?

If someone asks you what you do, like your doctor, your child’s teacher, or maybe your partner’s mother do you quickly search your mind for something else to say?


How the Tarot Can Help Solve Your Biggest Relationship Problems!

How the Tarot can Help Solve Your BIGGEST Relationship Problems!

Are you in a healthy relationship right now? Or, are you on divorce number two thinking Holy-CRAP this can’t be happening to me again!

I spent three years as a Relationship Recovery Coach and I used the Tarot regularly for myself and with my clients with amazing results!

Through the Tarot and my education to become a Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Minister is how I finally addressed my BIGGEST issues and changed my life!



Welcome! Join Our Exclusive MemberShip NOW!

In case you didn’t know, I created an amazing Tarot MemberShip Program that just launched this year!

I wanted to create a SPECIAL PLACE for WOMEN who’ve always wanted to learn the Tarot, charge GOOD money for their services and build their very own Tarot Business. 

Our MemberShip consists of a Library that houses 15 different topics of information to help you build a very well-rounded and well versed business.


8 Things To Consider When Naming Your Tarot Business

8 Things to Consider When Naming your Tarot Business

Have you thought about a business name yet? Have you been kickin’ around any ideas?

Does the thought of naming your business freak you out? Or is this something you decided on years and years ago?


The “Good & Bad Cards” of the Tarot?

The “Good & Bad” Cards of the Tarot?

Being a Professional and Intuitive Tarot Reader Mentor and Educator this is a subject I’m super passionate about!

My goal is to spread awareness of how this confusion is really doing a disservice to the Intuitive Tarot Community as a whole.

First of all, reading “Intuitively” means engaging your Mind, Body, and Spirit to discern the information and messages from your cards during a Tarot Reading.


January Member-of-the-Month!

January Member-of-the-Month: Angela Olah

It’s my pleasure to introduce Angela Olah  as our January SUPERNATURAL TAROT Member-of-the-Month!

I’ve known Angela since we both started using Periscope, almost two years ago, when she was a part of another women’s entrepreneurial Facebook group I led.

One thing I can truly say about Angela is that she is always deeply engaged in her work, her family, her friends, the Tarot, and Wellness CommUnities.

She is very passionate about the work she does and the people she engages with.


Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond with Your Tarot Cards

Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond
with Your Tarot Cards

Plus, a Few Common Pitfalls to Avoid!

Purchasing your very first Tarot deck doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact the whole process can be super fun, especially when you’re armed with the proper information. Below is a handy abbreviated “Tarot Purchase and Care Guide” you can print and keep on hand when shopping for either your very first Tarot Deck or your 50th!


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