Holiday Specials!

Grab ’em Fast!!

Did you get everything you wanted for the Holiday? Do you have a difficult person to shop for on your list? Tarot Readings make WONDERFUL Holiday Gifts!

In just over 24 hours I’ll be ending the FINAL series of Holiday Specials for 2017!

Sale ends December 24, 6 PM Eastern Time!

+ 30 Minute Reading $35.00
+ Three 30 Minute Readings $100.00

+ One 60 Minute Reading $70.00
+ Three 60 Minute Readings $175.00

+ One 60 Minute “Business Basics” Tarot Readings  $70.00

Go to the Tarot Holiday Sales Page for complete instructions check out ALL the details!

Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

Black Friday Specials!

 Is there a Tarot Reading in Your Future??

Happy Holidays!
It’s SMALL BUSINESS Saturday! Today is the day to support your favorite local and online Small Businesses!

Instead of feeding the corporate machine, why not feed an individual and their family?

Small Businesses thrive on “community” minded people looking to make a difference in the world around them!

To make holiday gift-giving easy and fun, I’m offering my Tarot Readings at the VERY best price of the season.

I only offer these amazing savings once a year on Thanksgiving weekend and my clients and others purchase enough readings for themselves, their friends, and family for the ENTIRE year…

People ask, what can I get a Tarot Reading about?

Here’s an example of the different kinds of of Custom Tarot Readings I most often create for my clients:

+ Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
+ Realize your Passion/Connect to Your Soul Purpose
+ Resolve Past Life Issues
+ Discover Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
+ Re-frame Negative Thought Patterns
+ Regain Self-Control and Life-Direction
+ How to Intuitively Guide Yourself
+ Discover and Release Negative Energies Attached to You
+ Move Forward from a Problem or a Situation
+ Resolve Financial Blocks and Obstacles
+ Discover Best Possible Career Paths or Business/Entrepreneur Ideas
+ Reveal the VERY BEST Opportunities in Life, Relationships, and Business
+ Connect to Loved-Ones through My Medium Skills

Last night I asked my Periscope followers what have they been “dragging behind them” like a ball an chain that has inhibited their life, that has slowed them down, and that has prevented them from living an Authentic Life?

I challenged them this weekend to give that question serious thought and craft a plan to address that issue in 2018, once and for all!

Sometimes we’re not sure what it that’s been holding us back, or we may know but not have any idea how to address it and release it…

And sometimes, we may know, but were afraid. I hear you…I spent 30 plus years “AFRAID” of living my Authentic Life!

The Tarot helped me identify and release so many different aspects of my life regarding my past, my relationships, my self-esteem, my addictions, etc..

The Tarot is an EXCELLENT tool to help you make those discoveries AND it can also provide you with the VERY best steps to help you move forward.

My entire life has changed and improved in such AMAZING ways….I can help you transform your life too…

Make 2018 your defining year!! Make it YOUR time to SHINE like the LIGHT you are!

Black Friday Weekend Specials

If you’re interested, I have individual and package Tarot Readings available for purchase! You can purchase them now and use them over the next year at your convenience.

Please go to Tarot Reading and Black Friday Specials Page and see the complete description of services, pricing, and how to purchase is included.

Thank You Very Much! 
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’