January Member-of-the-Month!

January Member-of-the-Month: Angela Olah

It’s my pleasure to introduce Angela Olah  as our January SUPERNATURAL TAROT Member-of-the-Month!

I’ve known Angela since we both started using Periscope, almost two years ago, when she was a part of another women’s entrepreneurial Facebook group I led.

One thing I can truly say about Angela is that she is always deeply engaged in her work, her family, her friends, the Tarot, and Wellness CommUnities.

She is very passionate about the work she does and the people she engages with.



Welcome! Join Our Exclusive MemberShip NOW!

In case you didn’t know, I created an amazing Tarot MemberShip Program that just launched this year!

I wanted to create a SPECIAL PLACE for WOMEN who’ve always wanted to learn the Tarot, who wanted to use the Tarot for their own personal use, and for those who want to create their very own Tarot Business!

Our MemberShip consists of a Library that houses 15 different topics of information to help you build a very well-rounded and well versed business.


Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond with Your Tarot Cards

Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond
with Your Tarot Cards

Plus, a Few Common Pitfalls to Avoid!

Purchasing your very first Tarot deck doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact the whole process can be super fun, especially when you’re armed with the proper information. Below is a handy abbreviated “Tarot Purchase and Care Guide” you can print and keep on hand when shopping for either your very first Tarot Deck or your 50th!


Six Ways to Create Protection for a Tarot Reading

Six Ways to Create Protection for a Tarot Reading

If you’ve been giving or receiving any type of Tarot or Oracle Reading, or are brand-new to our field, you may have heard people talk about “protection” and how important it is to “protect” yourself during a reading.

You may heard of people talking about crystals, essential oils, Sage or “smudge” and wondered, “What is that stuff?” “Why are they using it?” “Do I need Protection?” And, “What exactly am I protecting myself from?”


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017, We’ve Been Waiting!

Yes, I may be a week or so late from the traditional “New Year’s Day”,  but better late than never is what I always say…

Like many people this past New Year’s Eve we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a New Year! Not because 2016 was an especially bad year for is, it really wasn’t. We were especially blessed not to have many problems, minimal illnesses, our family members survived one more year, we actually got a NEW apartment with NEW furniture in July so, over all our year wasn’t terrible.


December Tarot “Member of the Month”!

Tarot MemberShip December “Member of the Month!”

I’m so happy to announce that our December Member of the Month is Stephanie Scanlon​!

You can learn ALL about Stephanie at: http://www.crystalwaterstarot.com

This is just ONE of the amazing benefits that takes place within our Tarot MemberShip CommUnity. We have monthly contests and challenges that encourages our members to step into their greatness and meet and exceed different goals in their business.


How to Double Down and Cash In Before 2017!

bigstock-happy-holidays-4150409Making the Most of this Moment!!

Wow! Here we are in December already! It even snuck up on me, the year has just flown by..However, we still have some pretty powerful weeks left in the year!

As Tarot Business Owners, or any type of business owner for that fact, it can be REAL easy to check-out when life gets hectic and not do our “jobs!”


 small-business-saturda7-3-45-minute-readingsSmall Business Saturday!

Remember to SHOP small community businesses and from your Business-Owner friends!

Our Specials for TODAY!
*1 45 Minute Reading for only $50.00 (Normally $168.00(
*3 45 Minute Readings for ONLY $120.00
*PLUS You get a FREE 45 Minute Reading for yourself, if you choose to Gift-Out the others! 
That’s a savings of over $500.00!


Happy Turkey, Holiday Survival Tips, and Holiday SPECIALS Galore (BEGIN TONIGHT)!!!

thanksgiving-signHappy ThanksGiving!

Good Afternoon! Happy Turkey! 
WE would like to take a moment and PROFOUNDLY express our “Sincere Gratitude” to each and every one of you today!!

SuperNatural Tarot is growing in leaps and bounds and Leif and I are SO blessed for having such amazing Clients, Students, MemberShip Participants, Followers, and of course our dear FRIENDS!


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