Holiday Specials!

Grab ’em Fast!!

Did you get everything you wanted for the Holiday? Do you have a difficult person to shop for on your list? Tarot Readings make WONDERFUL Holiday Gifts!

In just over 24 hours I’ll be ending the FINAL series of Holiday Specials for 2017!

Sale ends December 24, 6 PM Eastern Time!

+ 30 Minute Reading $35.00
+ Three 30 Minute Readings $100.00

+ One 60 Minute Reading $70.00
+ Three 60 Minute Readings $175.00

+ One 60 Minute “Business Basics” Tarot Readings  $70.00

Go to the Tarot Holiday Sales Page for complete instructions check out ALL the details!

Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’