6 Kinds of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

6 Types of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

Many people come to us for a Tarot Reading because there’s something specific that they want to know about, right now.

Clients can be in a vulnerable state; maybe they’ve lost sleep, they don’t want to talk to their friends about it, they don’t want to get a professional opinion for it, they’ve agonized about it long enough, and they want the Tarot to tell them what it is they need to know.

What they don’t know is that the Tarot may not be the best medium for their problem. This is also when many people fall prey to unscrupulous Tarot Readers and are taken advantage of.

They’re looking for a specific answer for their specific situation and they believe the Tarot will provide them with the answers they need. While the Tarot can certainly reveal important and accurate information it doesn’t mean that it should be presented to the client.

The truth about Tarot and many other metaphysical arts is that nothing is ever 100% accurate. At best I believe some of the most world-renowned psychics are at about 70 percent accuracy.

While yes, some Tarot Readers may be incredibly gifted, what happens if we’re wrong or don’t get the whole picture? What if we feel sympathetic to the client and subconsciously take their side? Any number of situations could occur.

I utilize the Tarot as more of a problem solving tool or a diagnostic tool. The only true way to be certain of the answers they receive is to refer them to a professional in that area of expertise. That way, the client can be properly guided by an expert who can help them make the best possible decisions for their issue.

Some of the information a client requests can be serious or life-threatening and we don’t really know what it is they’ll do with the information once they receive it.

Someone could end up getting physically and emotionally hurt, unnecessarily divorced, lose all their money in a bad investment, missing a vital medical diagnosis, risk all of their money on the lottery, or worse.

The Tarot is a wonderful “problem solving” tools because I use a blend of my own interpretations, psychic sense, and Divine and Angelic guidance.

I use my cards as a doorway to open up their scenario to help my clients uncover blocks and obstacles, find alternative solutions to their problems, see themselves or a situation in a different light, help them to discover their gifts or talents, and much more.

The Tarot is also a wonderful assistive tool to coaching, business and spiritual coaching,  hypnotherapy, astrology, psychic readings, and other services. It gives that extra level of insight that conventional services lack.

But it shouldn’t be used to diagnose an illness, discover an affair, spy on others, or predict the winning lottery numbers.

I teach my Tarot students that while we want to help as many people possible, it’s in our best interests to have clearly defined ethical guidelines and professional boundaries in place before you begin offering readings. You don’t want to be responsible for giving advice in areas you’re not specifically trained in.

Even if you’re already giving readings, take a moment and think about your morals, values, things that are important to you, your character and what type of questions you’re comfortable answering.

Developing and keeping important gateway management (Code of Ethics or a Policies and Procedures) instructions in place helps to instill a professional foundation and feel to your business.

Also, clients will be less likely to insist on having these questions answered when they realize you’re a true professional and they can see your boundaries clearly written on your website.

For as much as we can feel people’s hearts’ breaking when they come for a reading, I use this opportunity to focus on the client and work with them to gain the courage and confidence to face their dilemma the proper way.

The following is just a basic guideline that I use and also what I teach to the students. Feel free to add your own questions to the list for your particular business needs.

Top 6 Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

1. You suspect your spouse/partner is cheating. If you suspect your partner, spouse, or significant other is being unfaithful consider consulting a private investigator instead of the Tarot. Having your client go home and tell their partner they know they’re cheating because the Tarot Reader said so isn’t going to give them a leg to stand on in court or anywhere else. Having pictures, video, computer analyzed conversations, text messages, and emails will.

Plus, what if someone gets that information and comes home and fatally hurts their partner? You could become liable. Or worse yet, the cheating partner comes looking for you and you could get seriously hurt as well. Instead, have a reliable and good private investigator on file. That is what they do for a living and will know how to safely proceed.

2. The Client Suspects an Illness. I can’t tell you how many people have come to me with a lump in their breast asking me if I can see if they have breast cancer. I also get people coming in wanting to know about other forms of cancer, strep throat, the flu, dementia, various auto-immune disorders, pregnancy, or when they or their loved one will die.

Illness can show up in a reading but a Tarot Reader is NOT a licensed medical professional. I understand people get suspicions about things they feel and experience and want to know right away what it is, but trust me, the doctor is always your best bet for medical issues. And, we never answer questions about death, for you or anyone else.

3. Questions Regarding Betting, Gambling, and the Lottery. Many people like to gamble and play their lucky numbers and unfortunately many of those people lose incredible amounts of m money. They may come in to see you in hopes of winning some of that money back.

What if they take everything they have and put it on one bet? Instead, try coaching your client in ways to better manage their finances, how can they make a better investment with their money, or maybe realize they have a problem and need professional help.

4. Predictive Readings. Will I Get the JOB? Will he propose? Will I move next year? Clients call all the time asking whether or not they’ll get a job, get proposed to, win a contest, or some other type of inquiry about a future event.  We don’t do predictive readings because there are so many different variables that can occur and the future is always changing.

Predictive readings say that with certainty something is going to happen. While we may be able to see information in the cards, we can’t know beyond reasonable doubt our predictions will come true. Instead use questions like, “How can I best prepare for this job interview?” “What needs to happen for us to go to the next level in our relationship?” “What needs to happen for me to move to New York?”

5. Telling Time. Telling time with the Tarot is tricky and not always accurate. I don’t give time limits in my readings because I honestly don’t “see time” in the cards. I can get a feeling for how long something may take; 2-3 days, 4-6 weeks, this year, next year, and even then I caution my client that it’s just an estimate.

A better solution would be to ask the cards, “What type of sign do I need to be aware of that would point to that outcome?” “What type of events will be taking place to signify I’m on the right track?”

6. Third Party Readings. This kind of goes with the infidelity and cheating category; the client wants to see what someone else is doing in their life. You may be curious about your boss, a co-worker, a friend, the girl at Starbucks, etc. But dropping in on someone else’s life is unethical and unnecessary. Again, this goes back to the same question of what will the client do with the information if they had it and could there be serious implications involved?/

If there is a serious issue between the client and another person, they can most certainly bring them to a reading and we can lay some cards out to find out what the problem is and the best course of action to resolve it.

Other wise, you can use the time to coach the client as to why they feel the need to know the information and how can they best focus on themselves instead.

Having a Tarot business today is much different than it was even a year ago. Standard of the Tarot industry and the type of work we do. We strive to maintain the mystery and the wonder of the Tarot tempered by using good ethical guidelines.

Always remember, you’re in control of what goes on with your business. Sometimes people will want to push you past your limits and you have to be strong in your convictions.

I’ve had a few clients I’ve had to refuse service to or cut the reading short because they continually try to back-end their question in or try to trip me up and twist my words.

Now more than ever its important to know the types of clients you want to work with, the questions you are comfortable answering, and the type of business you strive to have. Be sure to take the time to decide what your comfort level is and stick to your convictions. It’ll save you headaches in the future, I promise.

Blessings and Namaste’
Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson



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