9 Things You Must Know and Have for your Tarot Website!

9 Things You Must Have and Know for Your Tarot Website!

In order to build a successful Tarot business you need a highly functioning money-making-machine called a Website.

Long gone is the day of handing out a business card with your name and number on it or putting an ad in the paper to get the clients rolling in.

Today, you need a solid, good-looking, high-functioning, professionally inspired and prepared website, with a blog feature and a few other key features.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have one made for you. The reason is you may not be 100% clear on your business right now or you may just not have the available funds.

Having a professional appearance IS important and there a few ways you can get a website for free, or at the least for a minimal fee, that will give your business the impression of being fully functional and professional.

For your Tarot Business, you can begin with something simple and expand. That’s exactly what we did. I started with Wix and then went to WordPress. You can Google “free websites” and you can pick the one that works the best for you.

For this website I have now is a WordPress site and I purchased a ‘skin’ from BluChic to help with the design element.

My site is being considered as a referral site for people to purchase skins for their sites through me. I’ll post more about that later but it’s an excellent choice for someone who wants a WordPress site who doesn’t know how to write code.

Many people think my husband designed all of our websites because he is a software engineer but the truth is I’ve created ALL of them. And I’ve never taken a class in website design or content creation. I had to figure all of it out on my own. Nobody helped me..Not even Leif. 

I don’t know if that was the best idea because I sure fucked stuff up along the way and I made a lot of mistakes but that’s how we learn. That’s an Entrepreneur; you stick with something until you get it done. Get it UP…we can tweak stuff later…

I don’t say this to brag, I say this to illustrate a point. So many people give me countless reasons as to why they can’t or don’t have a website and truthfully they’re all simply excuses.

Literally anyone can design a simple site with today’s “drop and drag” technology especially on a Wix or Weebly site.

If you truly want to have a Tarot business or a Spiritual business and have the kind of life you’ve never lived before you’ll have to do things you’ve never done before.

Being an Entrepreneur is truly NOT for everyone…but the ones it is for…it really calls you out of your shell!


It’s important to not allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Remember, everyone goes at their own pace, building a business isn’t a race, it’s a journey.

9 Things You Must Have and Know for Your Tarot Website

1. Know Your “Target Market”! Before you can market your product, build your website, create a video, or even write a blog post, you have to know your ideal client!

What is your customer Avatar?

Who do you know that loves the Tarot?

What type of people get Tarot readings?

What kind of reading would you like to specialize in?

Where do these people hang-out, what do they like, what do they need that no one else is supplying?

For instance, I market to people in the Holistic, Spiritual, and Metaphysical community.

I market to them because those people are familiar with the Tarot, we’re a like-minded community, they understand the value of my service, and they use the Tarot themselves or love to get readings to help calculate their life and biz.

I understand their struggles, I feel their emotions, I’ve been on the journey, I’ve felt their pain, and I empathize with their cause.

Make sure you know your market well; do what no one else is doing or do what you do the BEST!

Whatever it is; STAND-OUT! Make sure your services will be supportive of your proposed market on their journey of achieving their dreams and goals.

2. A Blog. Your first page of your website should be your blog. You need a blog to talk to your potential and current client base; this is your communication outreach.

You have to have a feature in-which you can communicate your thoughts, your feelings, your passion, purpose, ideology, and philosophy.

You can write about your services, how they’ve helped people, the results they’ve received, and how those services can help others. If you don’t have any clients yet talk about the people you’ve practiced on.

You also want a feature that allows your potential clients and current clients to engage with you and a blog allows people to share their thoughts and comments.

Include pictures, stories, thoughts and other things into your blog as well, anything to make you stand out…

3. A High-Functioning and Uncluttered Website Menu. Make sure your menu is uncluttered and easy to operate. Big bold headers and cutesy designs may be nice, but cutesy doesn’t sell; clean and legible does.

Take a look at some of the biggest Tarot professionals; see how they use a clear font and minimal menu options. You can use sub-headings under each category to organize your information better.

My website has a lot of color and sparkle…It accentuates my personality.

4. An “About Me” Page. Be sure to PUT YOUR NAME on it. This tells people WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you do it. You need a bright picture with you being natural, smiling, having fun, being active, etc. Don’t use portrait pictures; the more authentic the better.

Here’s the thing about an About Me Page, it really isn’t about you. It’s about the client and how you can help them.

That’s the biggest problem with the About Me page. People write all of their bla, bla, BLA! No one cares!

What the visitor knows is how all of that will help THEM. What can you do for the client?

YOur business is all about THEM! Not us and what we want.

Your About Me Page is revealing information about you, your education, and your experience in a way that demonstrates how it will help the client. They don’t understand HOW all of your education and experience can help them unless you spell it out.

5. A “Work with Me” Page. This tells people the services you offer and how to do business with you. Include a CLEAR detailed description of each of your services, how long they take, what the client can expect, and how they can best prepare for those services.


What experience will they walk away with? How will they feel when they’re finished?

You can link multiple pages together through your Work With Me Page and all the client has to do is point and click.

Remember, if you know your target market well enough, you’ll know exactly what they’re looking for and you’ll fill that gap beautifully.

Just don’t tell them “what” the service is, tell them HOW it will help them and WHY they should choose you. Include sub-headers detailing each individual service that they can clearly click to.

6. A “Platform” Page. This is your “credibility indicator.” This is what establishes you as a professional in your niche’. (PS, I’m reworking my Platform Page) This is your Business Platform; the extra things you offer to market to the different kinds of people in your target market.

This will be your actual or links to your podcast, radio show, broadcasts, and Periscope’s. You’ll also list your books, your eBooks, your YouTube videos, links to webinars, and seminars.

Also, If you have had an article written about your or you were recently someone’s guest on a podcast or video presentation, put that on that page as well.

If you don’t have anything to share, set up a quick YouYube video talking about you, your new Tarot business, how excited you are to be offering Tarot services, and how you can help people!

Throw it out there, people LOVE authentic new business start-ups!

7. A “Praise or Gratitude” Page. I use a “Love Note” page because I like the sound of that better. This is your review and testimonial page. It parlays the experiences people have had with you and how its positively affected their life.

Every single time someone says something nice about your service, ask them if you can put that on your website!

Even if it’s a comment at the end of the reading, ask if you can use that for your Praise Page of your website.

If you’ve had an exceptionally wonderful experience or helped one with a huge breakthrough, aks them for a testimonial. I’ve never had anyone tell me no.

If you’re NEW to the Tarot, start getting reviews from friends and family. Spin them a couple of reading’s and have them write a nice professional blurb and throw it out there on your Praise Page.

With an on-line business, people love to read reviews and Praise Pages because it gives an indication of the type of professional you are. It fills in the gaps of the client’s mind it helps to form an overall image of you.

And clients who do read your Praise Page tend to want to leave Praise too. When possible, include a picture of your client. It just adds to the authenticity and adds additional credibility.

8. A “Contact” Page. I can’t stress enough the importance of a A Contact Page. You want to develop what you call a “Client Contact Procedure.”

You can go two ways; you can either get a 1-800 phone number with a “Help Desk” company that can answer your calls for you and schedule your clients.

Or you can use Email.

I like to engage with the client myself and discuss their needs before scheduling a service so Email works best for me. My “Contact Procedure” is a clearly defined methodology of how your client can reach you, ask questions, schedule a service, cancel a service, etc.

No matter what Contact Procedure you choose, the most important aspect is that you’re CONSISTENT in your approach and follow-through.

You have to have a separate Contact Page for your webpage and include the link back to it on every single webpage.

Your About Me, your Work with Me, your Praise Page, and your Platform Page all need links at the bottom or someplace relevant on the page to take them to the Contact Page.

Most people understand that the “Contact Page” is the page to contact you through, however, in an online business it’s always a good idea to spell procedures out very carefully and create a link BACK to your Contact Page to avoid any type of confusion or mishap. 

I do all of my business online and my clients have to contact me through email. I’m in session all day; I can’t stop to answer my phone and I don’t have time to talk with clients at night. Plus most of them are in different time zones and they’re already asleep.

I answer all of my emails within 24-48 hours and book accordingly. Be sure to have a clear procedure for the client to follow.

9. An “Opt-In” Offer. Your Opt-In offer is also called your Lead Magnet, your Bribe, your FREE OFFER, etc.

It’s a complimentary product or service that YOU give the client in exchange for THEIR email address and for them to be added to your coveted “Email List”.

In turn, it gives them a taste of your services and how you do business. There is an ENTIRE science dedicated to choosing the correct Opt-In offer for your business.

In short, you want it to be something that will solve an IMMEDIATE problem YOUR particular client has.

It can be a:
* Book
* Video
* Guide
* Tutorial
* Demo
* Sequence
* Blog Post
* Article
* Or something else

Your Opt-In is linked through your Email service and you can post it on your Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, and any place Social Media allows you to post a link! This is THE way to do business today.

Your Opt-In offer must be quality, a viable service, something that you would offer in your business, and something that provides value to the client’s life!

There is a TON of Opt-In offer ideas on Google; search your niche market to get unique and fun ideas!

This is a great start to your business. At the very minimum, just to get something up, you can have an About Me Page, a Work With Me Page, and a Contact Page. Get those up and begin building your Platform Page and Praise Page.

Bonus: Remember, in everything you do make sure your PERSONALITY shines through and your niche market choice will be reflected in your website design. Your choice of colors, pictures, quotes, everything should reflect your unique individuality and creative spirit.

Make sure to use reasonable colors, a CLEAR easy to read font (less IS more). Check your spelling, use proper English, and don’t be too unassuming unless you know someone really well.

Use plenty of WHITE SPACE. Break up your paragraphs to no more than two sentences per paragraph. People don’t really “read” they scan. If you have thick paragraphs, they’ll skip it. Lots and lots of white space with clean font and pictures helps to draw people in…

And here’s the deal…your website will never be perfect. It’ll always be growing, evolving, changing, and updating…So don’t be afraid to develop your website and get it up there.

Progress before Perfection. 

Just start and the rest will fall into place, I promise you. And yes, while it may try your patience..the reward of owning your own business, actually help people, AND Make money…is worth it!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson


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