6 Ways to Gain a Fresh Perspective

6 Ways to Gain a Fresh Perspective

Good afternoon & WELCOME to another fabulous Monday!

Monday is the one day of the week that goes a long way to shaping our Perspective of the entire week; if we have a really rough Monday, we tend to subconsciously allow ourselves to have a really rough rest-of-the-week.

It’s like we just give up, say forget it, and grudge on to have the most…. miserable…experiences….ever.

I’d like to share something with you about “Perspective” and the LENS in which we view our life and the world from.

We’re also going to talk about six ways in which we can change up that Perspective and get on our A-game quickly and easily.

Our Perspective is our “world-view” based on our experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Unfortunately, our Perspective isn’t always accurate because our Perspective can only be viewed through what is called our “Perspective-Filter.”

Each of us has a Perspective-Filter which is our own little way of containing and condensing all of those thoughts, emotions, and experiences into one little area of our mind.

And unfortunately, that filter can be slightly biased and and at times completely incorrect.

Our Perspective dictates the way we show up in the world, the way we interact with other people, and the way we engage in our business. We create our actions and share responses with others based on our Perception of the situation.

Our Perspective also tells us if we’re good enough, worthy enough, and capable enough to achieve the kind of vision that we hold for our life and our business.

Our Perspective is very important!

Without it…we would have no real compass in which to guide us. If we’ve struggled with difficulties throughout most of our life then we may have a very unhealthy and misdirected Perspective.

That can cause us to make choices that don’t support our ultimate vision for success.

For instance we may feel the need to stay in an abusive relationship even though we know its wrong to do so. We may make poor decisions with our money and finances even though it’ll make matters worse.

We may choose friend groups or business associates who provide no real benefit for us, only let-down and disappointment.

An unbalanced Perspective allows us to live a lie by making us believe everything is OK when really we’re suffering and struggling inside. It’s almost like tunnel vision; we can’t see anything else except for the lie.

Not to mention our Perspective deeply impacts our Intuition.

When we’re in that negative state-of-mind it makes it very difficult to connect to our Intuition.

When we don’t have a clear lens to connect from, we’re connecting from a place of chaos and confusion and are unable to experience our Intuition clearly.

When we don’t have clear Perspective of the world we tend to not trust our intuition because we can’t trust ourselves. Deep down there may be self-doubt, self-sabotage, low self-worth, or low self-esteem.

Before we can truly be successful in life, build that amazing Tarot business, and help our clients in the best way possible, we have to create a fresh Perspective that supports our ultimate vision for success!

“When you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Today you’re going to learn six easy ways to help us improve the way we view our LIFE and our Tarot Business!

6 Ways to Gain a Fresh Perspective

+ Step Back. When we’re in the middle of everything we can’t see what’s truly going on. We can’t look at things rationally or logically. We see our world solely through our eyes. We need to step back, bring ourselves out of the middle of the situation, and just breathe for a minute.

+ Remove the Emotional Elements. You want to look at your life and business with the facts only. Not the drama, the sadness, the chaos and everything else….

WE want to look at our problems for what they are not what we think they are. Our emotions can amp up any situation and make it look and feel much worse than what it is.

+ Remove any Negative People Surrounding You. Clear out any negative individuals, friends, and family members that don’t contribute to your life and business in a positive manner.

When we’re unclear of our vision and goals we tend to ask other people for their suggestions and ideas. That gives them the open-door to comment and criticize us.

Instead, look for people who truly care about your success, who empower you and make you feel good about yourself and your business choices .Enrich your life with positive people and positivity will enrich your life.

+ Stick to the Facts. Don’t blow things out of proportion. Look at your issues and problems for exactly what they are. Adjust your Perspective-Filter to see your life and business based on facts and take a realistic inventory of what you have going on.

Chances are once you’ve removed a good portion of the “noise” you’ll realize that your problems really aren’t as bad as you perceived them to be.

+ Switch from Complaining to Praising. Instead of bitching and complaining and spreading additional negativity..stop it!

Nothing is worse than listening to someone bitch and whine all day how their life is shit, how something didn’t work out the way they planned, what someone did to them, what someone is getting away with, etc.

All of that is just NOISE and excuses. Instead of complaining start praising.

Look at the good things you have going on in your life and acknowledge all of it with Gratitude. If you’re alive, living indoors, have clean drinking water, and food on your table daily then you’re in the top 3% of the world!

The top three percent!

When we look at our life through that “Perspective-Filter” it suddenly makes everything not seem so bad.

+ Create a New Perspective. Now that you’ve been able to get all the unnecessary factors out of your way, you’re free to create a new meaningful Perspective that is realistic, obtainable, purposeful, soulful, and that matters to YOU! It’s s easy as changing your mind.

You’re able to see your life and Tarot business in a clear and productive light. Gone is the worry, the doubt, and the confusion.

With a fresh Perspective you’ll have a clear line to your Intuition and Knowing, in a way that you can trust and depend upon!


Think about how YOU can change up your Perspective today and all the good things you can begin to attract today.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Thank You Very Much!!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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