How to Avoid Being Called a Fake!

BEYOUHow to Avoid Being Called a FAKE!

It happens.

In the Tarot Business, in fact the entire Light-Working community, can be subjected to scrutiny and name calling.

People genuinely fear what they don’t understand. 

Tarot Readers, Astrologists, Numerologists, Spiritual Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Energy Workers, and the like, can be subjected to a wide array of insults and scrutiny from individuals who may not agree with or even fully understand the type of work we do.

Instead of asking questions and becoming educated on the matter they simply choose to lash-out and be critical of what they don’t understand.

People tend to lash-out and criticize when:
*They don’t like us
*They didn’t like their reading.
*They didn’t get the answers they wanted
*They don’t believe in the Tarot or that people are psychic
*They have religious conflicts
*They don’t want to pay for the service 

You might be tempted to explain yourself and prove that you’re not a fake or a scammer. But here’s the deal, it isn’t our responsibility to “prove” ourselves to anyone.

We aren’t in the proving business; we’re in the inspiring and empowering business.

As professional Tarot Readers we inspire and empower people to do the work necessary to have a healthy and abundant life. We show them options, we uncover blocks and obstacles, we help them to make sense of their current situations, and show them how they can move forward.

We have to keep our focus tilted towards the people that love and accept the work we do because those are the people that need us the most.

We don’t want to waste precious time chasing others down and trying to convince them how the Tarot works. It simply isn’t time for them to ‘get it’ yet, and maybe they never will.

Sometimes we just have to walk away and not engage in their behavior by arguing and having to be right.

God puts the people in front of us who need us the most. So we want to keep ourselves primed and ready for those who matter at the moment not the ones who still need time.

To be honest, our industry has had its fair share of problems and through history we’ve all heard stories of how Tarot Readers have bilked innocent people out of thousands and thousands of dollars to break curses, heal disease, find lost articles, etc.

It can be logical for people to be naturally concerned about our services and modern day Tarot Professionals have been working very hard to diminish those concerns.

Over-all we have to realize that people are people and we have no control over what they think or how they feel. We just have to move forward with style and grace and not engage in bashing behavior or chasing people down to prove ourselves.

Develop an Ethical Mindset. Be clear in your morals, values, and your purpose by developing a code-of-ethics and placing it on your website. This is a very positive credibility indicator because it tells people who you are and what you stand for.

When you come from a place of love and wanting to help it naturally shows through in your actions and in your work. People can see and feel that you genuinely love the work you do and want to be of service.

Don’t Make Bold Claims. You see it all the time, psychics advertising and promising to fix your broken marriage, find lost articles, make tons of money, find the perfect mate, etc. Don’t make bold claims you have no way of manifesting.

People come to us for a reading during desperate times and can be very easily taken advantage of. Be sure to be open and honest with your client about what they can expect from a reading and how you plan to deliver it, and then do it exactly as you described.

Stay Within your Scope of Practice. Don’t pretend to be something you know you aren’t. Be very mindful of working within your scope of practice. It not only hurts you, it hurts the industry as a whole.

Make sure you’re well-versed in your skill-sets before you begin advertising your business and taking money. People can see and sense from a mile away if you’re not being authentic and stretching.

Don’t Make Guarantees. The tarot and our psychic abilities are not 100 percent accurate. In fact no one’s skills are 100 percent accurate. Don’t make guarantees about your readings that you know you can’t deliver.

Instead, assure your client you will do your very best to get to the heart of their matter but you can’t guarantee results.

People love and appreciate honesty! If they go into a reading with that knowledge they are much more likely to respect you and appreciate your service.

Avoid Answering Dangerous Questions. This may be different for all of us. At SuperNatural Tarot we don’t answer questions that involve predictions, infidelity, the lottery, death and dying, time, and diagnosing illnesses.

The Tarot isn’t 100 percent accurate, and there is no way to obtain a 100 percent accurate reading on those subjects. Instead, we work with the client to find those answers through the correct channels.

Although they may initially be disappointed, it establishes trust between you and the client.

Shake it Off!  At the end of the day we have no control over what people think of feel. If they think we’re a fake, they think we’re a fake. The only thing we can control is the way we respond to the matter and how we move forward.

If we have taken the time to develop ourselves ethically and with integrity, if we have honed our skills, if we’re working from our heart and genuinely love and care for people, our actions will speak louder than any nay-sayer.

There will be people in your life who don’t like you for any number of reasons or agree with what you do for a living. Ultimately, it’s none of your business what others think of you!

Always put your best foot forward and be the best example of a Professional Tarot Reader and what others think will fall away…

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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