How to Get Out of Your Own Way!

915EBD22023E43129DF424263C2733ABHow to Get Out of Your Own Way!!

I just shared this topic on Periscope yesterday and I thought that you might like to hear this message as well.

Do you ever quit projects before you even get started? Do you ever feel like something or someone consistently derails your success?

I used to feel like there was a secret committee somewhere that planned for my demise and that they were actually quite successful at it..

Not really but you get the idea.

I was convinced that my problems were actually caused by someone else and not myself.

Because of those thoughts I’d second-guess myself, my decisions, my Tarot Reading skills, and my Psychic abilities.

I’d also doubt my ideas regarding my books, my courses and my blog. I thought everyone already created everything that was necessary, I didn’t believe there was room for my ideas.

The truth is there is ALWAYS more than enough room for your ideas.

I even doubted myself as a wife and mother and the way I cared for my family. Getting in our own way can begin with one area of our life and slowly trickle into other areas.

Those thoughts and worries would get the best of me and spiral me out of control…

Have you ever felt like that??

I’d also become so distracted by other people’s success.

I’d be so busy eyeing up what everyone else was doing and comparing myself to them that I’d end up quickly losing what little self-esteem I had and give up!

WTF? Right?

I used to allow myself to become derailed and knocked off my course of action every single time I attempted a project.

I use the word ‘allow’ because that’s exactly what I did, I allowed it to happen. I wasn’t seeing the big-picture I was only seeing my little slice of the pie..I was stuck in my head.

In fact, I would get so wrapped in what I thought and felt and trying to be in control of the situation I ended up pushing everything and everyone away from me!

I had a tendency to make decisions that would catapult my life into failure over and over again.

I would look at the messes I created and wondered why in the world Spirit would punish me with so many problems.

I was constantly asking why my life was such a mess when everyone else’s life was clearly so much better than mine!

I felt myself falling further and further behind. I began to question my sanity, my business, and my marriage.

After a while, I couldn’t trust myself to make logical decisions. I felt myself slipping away…

Then, I became enlightened…

When I began my degree to becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner and my Life Coaching courses I came to learn that those great ideas I was coming up with weren’t exactly from me, they were a gift from Spirit.

It took a while for me to understand the concept and once I did it quickly became evident that I had to learn how to get out of my own way and stop derailing my own success.

I had to learn how to trust that Spirit knew better than me and in order to be successful I had to surrender myself to Spirit and allow Spirit to utilize me for my highest good….

Recently, I sat down and wrote out the steps that helped for me because I believe there are others who have felt like me, at least once in their life.

I wanted to share my experience and what worked for me in hopes to help others who struggle with getting in their own way as well.

Some of us are overachievers at the sport!

Once I got out of my own way and got on board with Spirit, my life and business have improved drastically!

We’ve never been more successful than we are right now and its measurable success, it’s actually showing up as clients spending real life money.

There was a time I didn’t think it would be possible, now I know what our path and purpose is.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way!

1. Set an Intention! Before you can create a project, a class, a family, or a life we have to set an intention. What do we want to have happen?

What is our expectation? How long do we believe it will take? What do we need to accomplish the task? What items do new need? Who do we consult?

Do you want to write a book, a PDF, create an online course, do more Tarot readings, increase your business?

You have to have a clear, definable, and practical goal to achieve and a clear road map to its completion. If you have no intention then you have no goal.

Instead, you have a lot of talk….before you begin your project you must create an intention.

2. Focus on the Outcome. Just like it’s important to set an intention, it’s equally important to set an outcome.

We have to have a clearly defined result or outcome to our project.

What do we want to have happen? What will it look like, feel like, or be like?

How will we know when we complete our project? You have to create a clearly defined picture of what your final outcome will look like so Spirit knows how to help you.

When we create clear intentions and outcomes the Universe can conspire to co-create the outcome with us.

How do we know what we’re shooting for? How do we know what to ask Spirit for? And, how does Spirit know how to help us?

But when we’re unclear the Universe is unclear as well. Once we gain clarity and create the outcome the .

3. Get Out of your Head. The minute you set an intention and create the outcome you’ll likely begin to second guess yourself, doubt yourself, or believe it can’t be done.

You have to get out of your head, get out of ego, and what you think you know. This is when the real damage begins to show up; our doubt, our deepest fears, our anxiety, our lack of self-esteem.

We have to believe wholeheartedly that what we want to have happen can and will happen, undeniably and on purpose.

4. Get Busy! Take action! After you create your intention, your outcome, and to stay out of your head, you need to get busy!

Begin those initial steps of your project while the iron is still hot…And if it’s not possible right now then get busy doing something else you love in the meantime.

Idle hands is the Devils workshop! Not that I believe in a Devil but I understand that saying to mean that when we’re sitting around and waiting for things to happen…time gives us the opportunity to get back in our head and dream up problems.

As human beings we don’t tend to day-dream about all the good things in our life, we tend to think about all the problems we have. That sets the stage for more negative thoughts to show up!

5. Stop Listening to other People! I’m famous for this….When we invite other people’s opinions we invite in chaos and the possibility of getting off course.

Asking others what they think or how they feel about what we’re doing can end up causing us to doubt ourselves and our intentions again.

This also includes taking in advice from other people who don;t necessarily agree with or understand what it is we’re doing.

Don’t listen to unsolicited advice!

Here’s the deal; we’re the only ones who have the unique experience and qualifications necessary for the particular task we’re doing.

No one else can do it better than we can, no one!

Because we’re Spirit-Directed, that makes us uniquely qualified and we’ll be guided to the proper places and people to find the additional information

People who share their opinions openly and freely lack those unique qualifications. Getting too many people involved can quickly turn your project into a mess and quite possibly cause you to shelf it.

Stick to who and what you know can help you…

6. Be Flexible. Please don’t miss this…
YES the intention is important YET Spirit may have an even better plan.

Be open to alternative ideas, don’t be stubborn and so steadfast that you miss the opportunity to witness a miracle.

Once we actually begin the work on our project Spirit may present us with additional thoughts and ideas we never even considered..

Do you think all of the great artists and other magnificently talented individuals do that work on their own? I doubt it.

All Spirit needed was for them to show up, to stick to the plan, to be invested, to BELIEVE..

Spirit did the rest!

Also, we have to be flexible to weather the storms we’ll face, the objections, rejections, ups and downs, and much more once we decide to follow though.

Just because we’re Spirit-led doesn’t mean we’ll be problem-free. it just means we have the ability to be flexible and open to ideas Spirit may present and manage storms with style and grace.

7. Don’t Compare yourself to Other People! They may have been on their path longer than you and their path may be entirely different than yours.

When we consciously compare ourselves to others it can strike up fear and apprehension and cause us to doubt ourselves and our intentions even deeper.

We may feel intimidated and unsure of our own progress and it can slow us down.

We have to keep our eyes on our own paper and not let other people’s growth slow us down.

You are an expert in what you’re doing and you have all the answers you need for your own success.

Equally as important is not copying other people’s ideas! It’s OK to be inspired but its never OK to steal ideas.

When we copy off of others, we rob ourselves of our unique talent and we rob others from experiencing our gift.

When I first began Periscope I began looking at other people’s scoped and while we were all new at the time, a few people were there a couple weeks ahead of me and had created super-cool scopes.

I could have let that intimidate me but instead I I used that fear as a motivational tool and created my own style of live-streaming.

You can do the same!

8. Get Back on Track Quickly! If you happen to meander off course its very important you get back on track quickly.

Don’t sit and analyze the situation, begin to make excuses, look for ways out, or want to give up.

Just get back on the horse as quickly as possible without much fuss.

When we pause for too long it gives us that opportunity to second guess ourselves and bring in that self-doubt.

Just keep going forward. And if you for any reason you begin to feel uncertain of your direction or your motives and you want to turn around and go back to where its safe…remind yourself why you’re on this path to begin with.

9. Realize YOU Got THIS! Spirit gave you this assignment because Spirit deeply believes in you.

See, Spirit doesn’t have fear, doubt, worry, or concerns. Spirit doesn’t lay awake at night, get in Its own way, and struggle for control…

Spirit knows unquestionably what It knows and believes in you equally as much!

Spirit naturally knows the best people for the opportunities It created and never doubts our ability for the task. Ever.

Neither should we. We have to realize that we are perfectly empowered for whatever task Spirit puts at our feet AND if Spirit believe in us, that’s all we really need…

I hope you found this message helpful and beneficial!

Know that YOU can DO anything YOU set Your Mind to!

Each of us is a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience and we are more than capable of getting out of our own way! Sometimes we just need a little guidance…

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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