Benefits of Purchasing a Tarot Course Vs. Being Self-Taught

high priestessBenefits of Purchasing a Tarot Course Vs. Being Self-Taught

Are you in the fence wondering if YOU should sign up for the Tarot 101 Course? Have your friends and family cheered you on or tried to discourage you? Have you tried to discourage yourself?

If you have, I hear you!

There have been MANY, many times where I passed on a professional course because I believed wholeheartedly I could teach myself what was being offered in that class. I believed I didn’t need the class or that I couldn’t afford the class.

I seriously believed I could and would make the time necessary to research everything I needed. In fact, I would fantasize in my head about how much fun it would be, perhaps it’d be like taking a mini journey, and that I could totally make it happen.

Most of the time, I never even got started and if I did I don’t think I really ever finished my studies. At least not enough to offer something as a legitimate service.

By signing up for a legitimate course you’re investing in yourself. You’re saying that you matter as does the service or skill you would like to learn.

Whether through a scholarship or through actual cash money, there is an exchange of energy that signals the Universe that you’re indeed ready to learn and be present.

There are things you learn in a class environment you simply can’t learn on your own.

Not to discount personal experience, because I believe personal experience is equally as important as education.

But it’s my belief that personal experience works best when there is a foundational aspect to build from.

Below are 7 Critical Points for taking an actual Tarot course as opposed to learning on your own! The clock is ticking and I hope this addresses any questions or fears you may have!

The Benefit of Purchasing a Course Vs. Being Self-Taught!

1. Investing in Yourself: When you purchase a Tarot course, whether through a scholarship process or through money, you’re investing in yourself and your education.

There’s an exchange of energy that signals to the Universe that you’re committed to the process and that you’re ready to begin on a transformational journey.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and in your future.

When we study on our own we tend to “fit’ things in as time becomes available. That may be at 12 midnight or at 3 pm when the kids take a nap. There aren’t any course of action, no prescribed steps, you’re left to your own accord.

When you invest in yourself, you invest in a process that has a plan to take you from where you are right now to where you would like to be in a set amount of time, generally 6-8 weeks.

When we study on our own we have to create our own timelines…there is no plan and nothing to hold us to our agreement.

Money and energy are powerful motivators to encourage us to begin, follow though, and complete a course.

2. Benefit of Having an Experienced Teacher/Mentor: Hiring an educator gives you the benefit of working with an experienced individual who has mastered their process and is an authority on the subject matter they teach.

They can provide assistance, answer your questions, give you advice, share stories of their own personal experience, and can help you solve common problems you may bump up against during a reading!

A teacher can also teach you how to problem-solve on your own.

When we’re self-taught, we don’t know what we don’t know yet. We may get to the core of the Tarot, the history, the intention behind the Tarot, but there are many aspects of the Tarot that having a Teacher or a Mentor can greatly help.

They can fill in the gaps and help make your educational experience a positive one.

3. Organized Environment: Everything is on place! When you purchase a course, all the work has been done for you. The educator has researched, prepared, created, and is presenting professional materials in an organized manner to help you learn and retain Tarot information in the most systematic way possible.

You also receive valuable support materials; webinar access, worksheets, study-guides, power-points, research topics, Facebook or Google Plus support groups, etc.

You don’t have to waste countless hours researching information because the teacher has done it for you. Granted, you’ll want to do additional research but at least you have a starting point. You have enough material to begin to form an opinion of what it is you’re learning.

The Tarot is timeless and there are literally thousands and thousands of books written about it and each if filled with a different opinion. Choosing one person to learn from first, then expanding your knowledge afterwards gives you a firm foundation to stand on and to begin your career with.

4. Being Seen as an Individual: In a course environment you have someone who is as equally as invested in you as you are in the course. You’re seen as an individual, not just as someone in a sea of followers on a YouTube channel or on someone’s Periscope app.

In a professional course, you have someone who sees your light and recognizes your gift. You have someone who sees your strengths and your challenges; someone who knows when to challenge you and when to hold space.

You have someone to witness your transformation and growth and can reflect the experience back into you…

When we’re self-taught you’re virtually alone in the process. You don’t have anyone to really recognize anything in you…there are times when that may be perfectly ok, we don’t always need assistance…but in the beginning or during difficult times along the Tarot-journey, it sure is nice to know that someone is in your corner and cares.

You’re a part of the experience not just someone’s replay.

5. You have Accountability: Being in a course provides a certain level of accountability! There are assignments, deadlines, webinars and coaching sessions to attend. Personal accountability is a powerful motivator because no one wants to show up to a class with their work incomplete nor do you want to blow off a class.

When you’re self-taught, there is nothing to hold you to the experience. You’re on your own, no one notices if you’re missing or cares if you’ve done your assignments.

When you take a course, people get to know you and expect you to be present. Your classmates look forward to seeing you and engaging with you. When you’re missing people notice! Having that extra level of accountability helps to motivate us to be present and to do our work

6. Having a Team Environment: In a professional course everyone begins at the same point. It doesn’t matter your experience level, what matters is in that particular course everyone is starting out on equal footing.

You begin together, go through the process together, and you finish together. You meet like-minded individuals to bond with and perhaps develop life-ling friendships with! You get to have your own personal cheering section!

You also get some healthy competition and feel pushed beyond your comfort level, which can be an important aspect of your personal growth.

When you’re self-taught it can be a lonely experience. There isn’t anyone to share your experience or who understands what you’re going through. That can really make for a boring time!

Being a part of a team brings excitement, friendship, bonding, and lots of fun!

7. Far More Apt to Complete the Course and Actually Build a Career!
When you invest in yourself, have an experienced teacher, are part of an organized environment, are seen and witnessed as an individual, have accountability, and are a part of a winning team you’re far more likely to actually complete the course and develop a career.

When we’re self-taught you don’t have any of that! And if you do develop any of those aspects they can be scattered at best.

It can be difficult to build momentum and to develop a routine when one isn’t demonstrated for you. A good course is going to help to prepare you for the real world.

I found it very difficult to offer services after learning on my own because I had no idea how to market my service! That was a whole other area I had to research! By then, I would be exhausted..

When I went to beauty school, nail school, esthetic school, and massage school we learned to develop a routine. We learned basic theory and then we had an opportunity to work on the public, like real-life clients.

We worked as if we were already in a salon so that when we graduated we already had a flow, we knew what to do, we were organized, and far more prepared for the real-world.

The same holds true for a Tarot course! Not only do you learn beginning concepts of the Tarot, you also learn how to develop a routine, how to problem-solve, and how to build momentum.

My Tarot 101 Class provides the structure and foundational principals that can take you from newbie to beginning a professional career in as little as seven weeks.

TIME is running out! Thee are just a few more minutes left for the Scholarship application and just 24 hours for the introductory rate of 197.00!

Go to right now to get your video in or sign up at the reduced rate. I promise, you won’t regret your decision! Join us!

The time to invest in yourself is NOW! I hope to SEE YOU IN JUNE!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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