How the Tarot Can Help Solve Your Biggest Relationship Problems!

How the Tarot can Help Solve Your BIGGEST Relationship Problems!

Are you in a healthy relationship right now? Or, are you on divorce number two thinking Holy-CRAP this can’t be happening to me again!

I spent three years as a Relationship Recovery Coach and I used the Tarot regularly for myself and with my clients with amazing results!

Through the Tarot and my education to become a Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Minister is how I finally addressed my BIGGEST issues and changed my life!

I thought I’d share some of these tips with you to use for yourself and/or with your clients

Many of us struggle in relationships and have no idea why. We go from person to person thinking that with each new partner all of our problems will go away. But they don’t.  

In fact, sometimes we end up in a worse situation with perhaps more drama, more abuse, new problems, a new headache, etc.

It’s SO frustrating, why does this happen?!

Because some of us have serious problems that haven’t been dealt with and we look to other people for our salvation. We think other people can make us happy or a NEW relationship will work out better than our current one.

The truth of the matter is that until we find out what our “core” issues are, we’re doomed to repeat those same behaviors, thoughts,and problems over and over and we’ll attract the SAME type of partner over and over again as well.

“What we ignore on the inside can become our fate on the outside.” ~ Author Unknown

I spent most of my teen and adult life in unbelievably bad relationships and one of them eventually ended up as my first marriage. With each new guy I’d meet I’d think,”OH wow! This guy is SO amazing! My life is going to be so great!”

And each time I couldn’t have been further from the truth; every relationship ended on a worse note than the one before.

How Did I I Get This Way?

My problem’s originated in my childhood/early teen years and slowly progressed throughout my entire life.

I had a scewed-up and self-sabotaging sense of reality due to very low self-esteem, low self-respect, and low self-worth. Alcoholism, sex, excess, lies, manipulation, poor choices, risky behavior and more were at the center of my life.

It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t going to have any type of a healthy, prosperous, or rewarding lifestyle being a drunk and not getting my shit together.

A part of me literally thought that this was as good as it was going to get and that I somehow deserved this life!

Can you imagine? Have you ever felt that you deserved the life you have or had?

What I learned was that subconsciously I attracted that particular  life-style and the men in it because that’s where I was at in my head..

What we think about we bring about.

I never dreamed of finding a nice guy with a positive outlook and a solid career because I didn’t think those type of men would want me. Up until I met Leif, in my mid-30’s, I never met or dated a guy who actually graduated from college.

I thought those type of men were out of reach and it took me seven years to reframe all of that negative self-programming I had.

You’re not going to wake up one day and have a normal life or expect anyone to make it better for you! You have to make it better for yourself..

Later I learned that my relationship problems stemmed from ME and the choices I made. It wasn’t the guys’ fault, a friend’s fault, my parent’s fault, or anyone’s fault. It all came down to me.

I had to go through the painful process of peeling back the layers and realizig my true value and potential.

How the Tarot Can Help

The Tarot was incredibly beneficial in helping me reveal and recognize my true-self. My Coaching, Hypnosis, and Past Life education and personal sessions helped me work through 40 years of the demolition and demons inside of me to produce a successful wide, mother, business owner, educator, etc.

A Tarot Reading is like taking a giant snap-shot of our life and putting it on the table. Through the particular card placements in the reading we can discover which areas of our life need the most attention.

We can create questions for the Tarot to reveal the root of those areas. The Tarot is a powerful and healing tool!

The following are the type questions that I used for myself and that I also use to interview my Tarot clients:
~Do you consistently date the wrong type of partner?
~What do you argue about the most with your partner?
~What do you expect your partner to do for you that you can’t do for yourself?
~Are you in love with your partner?
~Do you have a lot of pent up hostility or anger in your life and/or towards your partner?
~Do you disagree on money issues and the ways the finances are handled?
~Is your sex life routine or non-existent?

~Do you have a history of being in broken and abusive relationships?
~Do you come from a dysfunctional family?
~What are you struggling with the most in your life right now?
~Do you struggle with addictions?
~Do you continually question what your Purpose is?
~Do you lack true friendships outside your relationships?
~Do you want a change but have no idea where to begin?

I had to work through each and every one of those above questions and dig down deep to find those answers. And sometimes we don’t want to dig, sometimes we just want to ignore it, and pile more stuff on top of it.

You can use the above questions to interview your clients and then reframe them to be used in a layout for your readings. Here are a few brief examples:
What type of partner do you consistently date?
~What are our feelings towards your partner?
~What are the emotions you currently feel towards your partner?

You get the idea. The Tarot has a way of reflecting our issues back at us, even through other people’s readings, until we acknowledge our issues and do something about it.

The images, the colors, and the symbols trigger important information hidden within our Mind, Body, and Spirit that helps us to recall who we really are and what we’re really doing here.

Each of us has our own answers buried somewhere deep within us. The Tarot can help to find them and nudge those answers out. No one knows us better than we do and the Tarot can shine light on those deeply buried areas!

A reading can give you perceptive, clarity, and focus. It can also take away the guilt and shame and replace it with hope and happiness. The truth is, we weren’t created to suffer. In fact, we’re created to shine and live extraordinary lives!

I know I didn’t think it was possible but now I have more than I ever could have dreamed…

I’m walking/talking proof positive that you can take your life and turn it around IF you truly want to. You just need to do the work.

The Tarot can help you discover and understand aspects of yourself I bet you never looked at or even knew existed. The Tarot is a powerful tool that facilitates healing in ways that other therapies don’t.

Don’t let any more time pass you by; stop watching everyone else have a good time when YOU can be having a good time instead!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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