Does the Universe Test Us Or Do We Test Ourselves?

Does the Universe Test Us Or Do We Test Ourselves: 6 Different Ways to Discern the Voice of Spirit from Our Own

I’d like to share with you a part of a sermon I wrote a few months back but it’s been calling me lately so I thought maybe someone needed to hear this message today. Maybe that person is you…

Let me ask you a question…Ever set out to do something amazing with your life and suddenly absolutely everything in that area of your life goes to straight to hell?

Something so completely outrageous and expected will happen, and keeps it keeps happening, until it eventually causes you to shift your attention from your original goal (the good thing you want to do) back to the parts of your life that are now a mess!

And all you wanted to do is to either seriously get-down with your Tarot Business and finally write that killer course, or maybe take your relationship to a more serious and committed stage, or maybe you feel its time to tackle that mounting financial crisis you’ve been struggling with.

Then all of a sudden….the rug is pulled completely out from under you and you feel absolutely blindsided.

A crisis arises that takes all the time away you edged out to write your Tarot Course, the dude you wanted to get more serious with suddenly disappears, or an outrageous bill appears in the mail that completely devastates the remainder of your bank account!

You know what I mean?

You’ll get a fresh burst of energy and feel motivated to kick some ass and take some names and the damn bottom falls out before you even get started.

WTF, you know?

WHY does THIS happen?

Why is it when we FINALLY decide to get serious about something, something else happens to derail our plans?

When we put ourselves out onto the world, when we make bold statements, and we take bold actions, we’re bound to be tested.

Some people think it’s the Universe testing us, making sure that we’re up for the challenge.

Maybe Spirit’s throwing obstacles at us to be sure we’re strong enough to overcome the problems we’ll meet along the way..

But is it the Universe testing us?

Does the Universe throw giant obstacles at us causing us to feel hurt, broken-hearted, and depressed?

Do we have to wait and be deemed worthy by Spirit before we can have ANY type of success and happiness in our life right now?

Does that sound logical? That a supposed loving and infinitely compassionate Being would go so far to harm us or to jeopardize our life in this manner.

Or is it someone else…I have a theory Id like to share with you..

I noticed the minute I decide to go for my goals, something would happen before the Universe “supposedly” pulls the rug out from under me….

The minute I decide to take action, my subconscious kicks into overdrive and I immediately begin this internal dialogue:
+ No one’s going to buy the course so why bother, there’s so many right now, who will buy from me?
+ All men are assholes anyway…why try in this relationship, he’ll just hurt like all the rest of them did.
+ I can’t bear to look at the bank account right now, I just get way too freaked out with money!

I’ve found that for me it isn’t necessarily the Universe testing me, I test myself!

My fear, based on my previous perceived inability to be successful, my self-doubt, my low self-esteem, my inconsistent actions, and all of my inner weaknesses became stronger than my desire to do something positive.

That’s not Spirit!

Those negative aspects of myself caused me to reconsider everything I thought was fabulous and turn it into crap. Instantly.

Those negative aspects of myself caused me to fear everything good I’ve desired in my entire life and to give up before I’d even begin.

The Universe hasn’t caused me to doubt myself or derail myself. I can do that plenty well enough on my own, thank you very much!

The subconscious is POWERFUL. We have to learn to harvest and maintain positive thoughts and not focus on the negative.

What you THINK about and TALK about will MANIFEST.

If you talk negatively about your business, life, and finances then negative things will happen to your business, life, and finances.

I’m the poster-child for the “Laws Of Attraction Gone Wrong”…please trust me when I tell you these things.

I believe the Universe is there to support us, lead us, guide us, and encourage us.

I believe the Universe is here to inspire us and to keep us going for our goals.

I also believe the Universe will keep working with those damaged aspects of us until one day we don’t have them anymore or they’ll be so insignificant they won’t even matter.

Until then, it can be real challenging to discern the voices from Spirit from our own self-sabotaging voice.

6 Different Ways to Discern the Voice of Spirit from Our Own

1. First and foremost; Spirit Makes Our Life Richer, Not Difficult!

Spirits voice is filled with Love not fear.

Spirit is on our team: Spirit wants us to be BOLD and FEARLESS!

Spirit continually lays a path for us to follow; but it’s us who wander.

Spirit wants us to be successful and will do anything to support us in our endeavors! Spirit doesn’t take away from us, Spirit provides!!

It’s us who secretly don’t want to succeed! I mean think about it..on some level we realize that being successful and fulfilling our dreams is hard work.

We may not ready for GOOD in our life so we subconsciously sabotage it.

2. Spirit Would Never Cause Us to Doubt Yourself or Our Ability to Succeed

We COME from Spirit! Spirit can only create perfection.

Spirit doesn’t doubt us, in-fact Spirit is the quiet voice that is our Intuition and our Belief in ourself that continually calls us to our GREATNESS, not our failure.

Doubt is FEAR-based and comes from our internal feelings of not being good enough. Doubt and fear are human emotions created by humans to keep us

3. Spirit Would Never Hurt Us
Spirit is pure loving light, and unless your Soul-Contract is expiring, Spirit isn’t going to construct a plan to hurt you in any way.

Spirit is not going to arrange accidents, financial harm, cause is anxiety, or cause you undue hardship!

Unfortunately, its our own negative energy that can be enough to manifest incredibly negative things in our life.

We call it the”snowball effect.” One thing goes wrong and we build our own momentum around it by continually speaking and thinking negatively.

Bad things happen to us because we set the intention for them to happen. That negativity can be strong enough to create an entire ENTITY if we allow it..

Negativity is a power that is most definitely NOT Spiritual.

That’s why its important to keep your words in order and your thoughts in order.

Realize any HARM that you may be witnessing is not coming from Spirit, it;s coming from within you.

4. Spirit KNOWS We Can Achieve Anything we Put Our Mind To.
Spirit has provided us with the Gifts, the Passion, and our Soul-Purpose to fulfill our every single aspect of our Soul-Contract.

Spirit has also provided us with the self-confidence and the fortitude to succeed. Spirit doesn’t have know or understand what insecurities are..

Human-beings are lazy and self-entitled.

When we’re caught in a cycle of negative thinking, when we feel lazy and don’t follow through, or when we’re having inconsistent action we’re tapping into our OWN insecurities!

Spirit has provided each of us with incredible opportunity and space to grow, regardless of where or how our life began.

EACH of US is capable of becoming exactly who we want to be…Good or Bad!

It’s a choice we make every single day…

5. Spirit Wants Us to Be HAPPY!
Spirit only knows love, happiness and joy.

Spirit provided us with a clear mind and clear thinking.

Spirit wants us to celebrate, dance, rejoice!

Spirit wants us to experience all the GOOD things in life and continually puts good things in our path and we’re so oblivious.

However, sometimes, we kick a gift-horse in the mouth because we can be so damn ungrateful…then we’re miserable because our plan didn’t work out.

Negative feeling and emotions like sadness, fear, worry, and stress are our OWN creation

Those are our own feelings magnified by previous negative experiences and disappointing outcomes.

If you’re unhappy, its not Spirit testing you. It’s you choosing to experience those feelings.

6. Spirit Doesn’t Test Anyone!
Bottom line, Spirit doesn’t test people. Ever.

Spirit doesn’t play games.

Spirit doesn’t plan our demise or set up any kind of situation where we’ll be harshly damaged.

Spirit is not the enemy.

Spirit isn’t putting obstacles in our way to see how high we can jump or how low we can crawl.

Spirit doesn’t want us to spend valuable time strategizing about how we can prove to Him that we’re ready to succeed and that we’re capable of doing it…

What’s getting in the way of you, what’s pulling the rug out from underneath you, is you.

There’s no deity or entity that is causing our life to fail.

Spirit wants you to STOP thinking and start BE-ING who you were created to be!!

Wrap Up

Spirit wants you to believe in yourself and to see yourself the way Spirit created you.

Your dreams and desires are at your fingertips, all you have to do is believe and everything you need to make your dreams come true will msnifest for you.

Don’t test yourself, second guess yourself, and inevitable talk yourself out of doing what you love.

Stop poisoning your future.

It’s time to stop blaming and start moving. Clear out all the negative beliefs out of your head and begin today!

If you want to live your life to its fullest, take your first step today!

In the comments below, share with us a time in your life you felt seriously tested by the Universe only to discover it was you all along!

Thank YOU Very Much
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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  1. Lindsay Hines
    April 20, 2017 at 6:37 am (6 months ago)

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could follow me on periscope so I may be added into your discussions? My scope name is Lindsay1111 (I was listening in last night & I just looove your vibe, girl!) I am just starting to tap into my abilities. Any knowledge I can gain would truly be amazing. I feel like I crave this knowledge! To justify that, it’s even in my birth chart! (Ah ha! No wonder why I want to learn so much!) I didn’t know how else to reach you on periscope (I am fairly newer to it). Thank you soich for your time! Namaste, Lindsay 🙂

    • Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson
      April 21, 2017 at 9:07 am (6 months ago)

      Hi Lindsay!! Of course, I’ll follow you right now! No worries, sometimes the website is the quickest way to get a hold of me. And THANK YOU for your kind words…I see you already joined our FREE Facebook Group and your plugged into other individuals going down a similar path. Once we get a taste of that knowledge our minds open and our soul engages….It’s ready for something different. Something new and exciting:)

      Thank You Lindsay and I look forward to seeing YOU in the GROUP!

      Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
      ~K XOXO


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