Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017, We’ve Been Waiting!

Yes, I may be a week or so late from the traditional “New Year’s Day”,  but better late than never is what I always say…

Like many people this past New Year’s Eve we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a New Year! Not because 2016 was an especially bad year for is, it really wasn’t. We were especially blessed not to have many problems, minimal illnesses, our family members survived one more year, we actually got a NEW apartment with NEW furniture in July so, over all our year wasn’t terrible.

I wasn’t tied to anything hard and fast about 2016 but I was ready to roll forward anyway..Because we were anxiously awaiting the launch of our NEW Tarot MemberShip Program & my SUPERNATURAL TAROT Website!

And of course I developed the worst case of Writer’s Block I’ve ever had that resulted in Leif I had working heavily nearly around the clock for the past couple weeks trying to get it all done.

Through the updates we also decided to make some “internal” changes within the business as well.

Moving forward, SUPERNATURAL TAROT, will be a business aimed at helping WOMEN become professional Tarot Readers and building their very own Tarot Businesses. Leif and I decided to step into new individual roles within our company.

I originally began this business as a Life Coach/Minister who used the Tarot to help women overcome difficult life situations to become successful Tarot Professionals. Along the way Leif was inspired to join me and decided to go to school to learn what I was doing and we decided to expand the business for men and women to learn the Tarot, etc.

And we had a GREAT time; we created amazing programs and opportunities for our clients and even became closer as a married couple. But something was always missing for both of us. We realized that we had different dreams within the business that weren’t being realized and that we had to pursue “success” differently.

I had a personal story that I wanted to share with the world because I felt that if other women really heard the things that have happened in my life and how I was able to overcome a lifetime of ADDICTION, abuse, low self-esteem, low-self-worth, chaos, and a complete lack of self-respect… to create this thriving Tarot Business they may feel inspired to change their lives as well!

“Sometimes you have to SEE it before you can BEE it!” You can read more about me and my mission here on my About Me Page!

I believe through stories we have the POWER to CHANGE the WORLDS! And I believe right now, and more than ever, the World needs a HUGE kick in the ass.

Leif will still be here, he’ll be busy realizing HIS gifts, passion, and purpose through his love of photography, making videos, and being the engineer behind the scenes..It’s what HE loves and what he does best!

He’ll be the fuel for my fire as we begin a whole new life and journey together.

2017 is a year of “New Beginnings” in Numerology. It’s a time to put the last ten years behind you, realize your dreams and potential, and start living your dreams…I can promise you we have less time in this world than what we would like to think.

Use the time you have now for the good and save the bad times for later!

If YOU have always wanted to learn the Tarot and be part of a Fabulous Tarot CommUnity then I personally invite you to check out our NEW Tarot MemberShip: http://www.supernaturaltarotmembership.com

I’m SUPER excited about 2017 and I want you to be as well. We have some really cool stuff to do, you and I, and I’m ready to get started right now!

Happy New Year! 
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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