Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond with Your Tarot Cards

Six Easy Ways to Select, Cleanse, Store, and Bond
with Your Tarot Cards

Plus, a Few Common Pitfalls to Avoid!

Purchasing your very first Tarot deck doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact the whole process can be super fun, especially when you’re armed with the proper information. Below is a handy abbreviated “Tarot Purchase and Care Guide” you can print and keep on hand when shopping for either your very first Tarot Deck or your 50th!

1. Be Sure to Select the Proper TYPE of Card Deck
There are many different types of Intuitive Cards; Angel Cards, Oracle Decks, Rune Decks, and of course Tarot Cards. You want to be sure you’re purchasing an authentic Tarot Deck.

B.  Only an authentic Tarot Decks has 78 cards. Many Angel Cards and Oracle cards may say “Tarot” in the title but contain less than 78 cards. You always want to be sure that the box is labeled “Tarot Cards” and that they specifically have 78 cards.

C. Tarot Cards are used to discern specific information. The Tarot is designed to mine intimate and detailed information for your client as well as Spiritual and empowering information. Angel and Oracle cards can reveal specific details but they’re primarily used for Spiritual, affirmative, and uplifting messages. 

2. Choosing the Best Tarot Deck for YOU!
The Tarot has become SO popular nowadays that there are literally THOUSANDS of decks to choose from in just about every genre possible. You want to be sure to choose a Tarot Deck based on your personal preference, not just what’s currently popular or what someone else may thinks is cool. YOU have to love it!

Be sure it has imagery/symbolism you understand. With the creation of all those brand-new Tarot styles, and not to mention some of the older decks, they can contain imagery and illustrations that are far from the original interpretations. Even though we read the Tarot intuitively, the imagery and symbolism has to be something you can understand and make sense of easily.

C. Along with being able to resonate with the imagery and symbolism, you want to feel a certain connection to the cards. You want them to feel good in your hands and resonate with their Energy. Some decks can look absolutely stunning but the energy is either off or missing.

Purchasing a Tarot Deck is a very important purchase. You want to be sure to buy a deck that looks good, feels good, and will deliver powerful and meaningful readings for a very long time.

3. Cleansing Your Tarot Cards
It’s very important to “cleanse” your brand-new Tarot Deck before you use them for the first time (and periodically afterwards as well).

A. You can either smudge the entire deck or one card at a time. I like to smudge each card individually at least every six months.

B. Wrap the cards in a black or colored cloth of your choice and place under the Full Moon or submerge entirely in salt overnight.

C. Place crystals like SnowFlake Obsidian or Black Tourmaline on top of your wrapped Tarot Deck for 24 hours.

4. Storing Your Tarot Cards
When you’re not using your card you want to be sure they’re placed in a safe and secure place. You don’t want them to just be thrown in a purse, left on a counter, or letting your kids or animals play with them. You want to treat them like they’re sacred, because they are. They’re you’re sacred Spiritual tools.

A. After every time you use them ( and especially at the end of the day) be sure to turn them all in one direction and place them face down in the deck.

B. Wrap them in a special cloth, scarf, or Tarot Bag to keep them clean, neat, and free from the elements.

C. You can store your cards in a ‘sacred box’, your Magickal Box, dresser drawer or another place that will allow them to be undisturbed and handled by others. others.

D. Revere your cards as being special; store them with your favorite crystals, Spiritual items and accessories.

5. Bonding with Your Tarot Deck
After you have learned how to select, cleanse, and store your cards, it’s equally important to know how to bond with your Tarot Deck. In order to get the best possible readings it’s very important to build and maintain a relationship with your cards. 

A. Take time everyday and at least once a week to study and practice with your cards.

B. Purchase a specific Tarot Journal or you can designate another journal or even a notebook to your Tarot Practice. Record your readings, the thoughts you have about your readings, and any other interesting info you discover. You can also store the layouts you like, your base-intuitive meanings, affirmation, etc. 

C. One quick and easy way to bond with your Tarot Cards is to sleep with them (wrapped in a scarf or in a Tarot Bag) under your pillow. Your cards will begin to absorb your energies and vice-versa. You can also take your cars with you as you go about your work-day and evening..the more exposure you have to the cards and the cards to you, the quicker and better you’ll build a long and lasting relationship with them.

6. Common Tarot Pit-Falls to Avoid
There are several areas that can slip you up with the Tarot, especially if you’re new to it. So here’s a few tips and tricks to help make the over-all Tarot-Experience a 100% positive one right from the get!

A: Imagery Is Too Advanced. 
The Imagery on your deck may be wonderful and you may have good energy with it, but the cards seem a little advanced. Sometimes avante’ garde, substituted imagery (not the original cups, wands, swords, or pentacles), or minimal imagery can make the cards very difficult to interpret.

B. Flimsy or Rigid Card Stock. Sometimes we find the MOST amazing Tarot Cards but they’re made on cheap and flimsy card-stock. Equally annoying is card-stock that’s too thick and too rigid. Either allows for you to shuffle or disperse the cards in a professional manner.

C. Cards are Either too Small or too Big for Your Hands. There are many different sizes of Tarot Decks, including extreme over sized decks and mini-petite decks. Both may be cool to have for a display or as a prop in your set-up but they definitely make shuffling and using very difficult. The cards can clip out of your hands or look awkward or unprofessional in front of a client.

So there you go! Six simple ways to help create a remarkable experience with the Tarot!

The number one reason most people stop using the Tarot or stop using them as often is because they’re using the wrong Tarot Deck. We have to be willing to look at and try a few different styles of decks to see what’s even out there!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’


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