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In case you didn’t know, I created an amazing Tarot MemberShip Program that just launched this year!

I wanted to create a SPECIAL PLACE for WOMEN who’ve always wanted to learn the Tarot, charge GOOD money for their services and build their very own Tarot Business. 

Our MemberShip consists of a Library that houses 15 different topics of information to help you build a very well-rounded and well versed business.

I was sure to include a variety subjects like Tarot Core Concepts, Spiritual Development, Tarot-Business and Marketing, Reading Intuitively, and much more! 

We also have a private Facebook Group that provides a “CommUnity Environment” to the MemberShip! I included lots of perks like live daily group readings, chats, daily personal interaction with me, webinars, and other activities to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE members to not only read the Tarot or build a Tarot Business, but to actually make their loves better…

You know I always say that learning and working with the Tarot is more about personal development than it is about the Tarot! 

Here’s What YOU Get!

1. The Library
The Library will consist of a collection of 15 specific CATEGORIES consisting of Tarot Core Concepts, Spiritual Development, Tarot Business/Marketing, and so much more!

Each category will contain layers and layers of information, instructions, tips, tutorials, previous blog posts, personal experiences, and inspirational ideas.

2. Exclusive Fresh Content, Ideas, and Inspirations
Brand-New and inter-active content will be added daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly  that will either be experienced live or viewed in the Library.

You’ll Receive Access to:
*Live-Streaming Broadcasts
*Monthly Webinars
*Monthly Podcasts
*Monthly Newsletters
*Quarterly Seminars
*Exclusive Interviews with individuals in the Tarot and Spiritual CommUnity.

3. Special Discounts on Classes and Courses
Members receive SPECIAL pricing and FIRST notice of all of my classes and courses.
PLUS, graduates of my Tarot Course receive Exclusive Discounts for the MemberShip after they graduate.

4. Direct Access to Multi-Media
*You’ll receive access access to much of my previously published articles, blog posts, Tarot Tutorials, self-improvement tips, business consulting, and many more protected documents. 
*You’ll have FREE access to over 30 of our previous “Heart to Heart with the Hansons” and “SUPERNATURAL TAROT Talk Radio” show podcasts.
*You’ll receive a FREE copy of my published eBook: Heart to Heart: Guidebook to Relationship Recovery. This is a relationship-coaching book. This can be a special resource book for you to use when working with couples or for people working out their relationships.

5. PLUS an EXTRA Special BONUS Item! You get the recorded version of my very popular Tarot Program, “Tarot 101: Introduction to Intuitive Tarot Reading Course”! This alone is worth the price of the MemberShip!
This is a seven (7) week long webinar created to help you become a Professional Tarot Reader and build your very own Tarot Business. You’ll receive access to seven (7) recorded webinars videos AND the seven (7) Guided Meditations that I personally channeled to help you break-through any blocks and obstacles to building you my have to learning the Tarot.

6. Private Facebook CommUnity
This is the HEART-Beat of our MemberShip and where ALL the Action takes place. This is where you can meet other similar and like-minded  women and talk shop, share stories, get support, share readings, make brand-new friendships, and feel as if you actually belong!

The SUPERNATURAL TAROT Facebook CommUnity will inspire and encourage you to ask questions, get answers, and feel empowered!

Here’s What You Receive ADDITIONALLY In the Facebook Group:
The “Daily Dose” of Spiritual Inspiration (Daily LIVE Group Singing Bowl Meditation and Tarot Reading)
*Daily Inspirational Chats
*Quick Answers to Your Questions
*Special Member-of-the-Month Recognition
*Contests and Challenges with chances to Win FREE TAROT Merchandise, Tarot Cards, Classes, Jewelry, Crystals, and much more! (Coming Soon)

Come On Over & Check Is Out!!

Thank you very much and I look forward to having YOU join our GROUP!!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
XoXo ~Kristen


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