The “Good & Bad Cards” of the Tarot?

The “Good & Bad” Cards of the Tarot?

Being a Professional and Intuitive Tarot Reader Mentor and Educator this is a subject I’m super passionate about!

My goal is to spread awareness of how this confusion is really doing a disservice to the Intuitive Tarot Community as a whole.

First of all, reading “Intuitively” means engaging your Mind, Body, and Spirit to discern the information and messages from your cards during a Tarot Reading.

We don’t use a book or rely on pre-fabricated Tarot Meanings. I use a system that I created that involves connecting to our Intuition and igniting our Confidence to deliver powerful and meaningful Readings.

When you use a book you’re using that author’s interpretation of the Tarot Cards.

Every author has their own personal interpretation of the Tarot..and it can become quite confusing when you’re trying to do a reading.

Not to mention keywords, but I’ll save that debacle for another day….

There seems to be a trend regarding Good and Bad Tarot Cards by individuals who claim to be Intuitive Tarot Readers and Educators.

And I don’t get that because it sends a mixed message and it nibs away at the credibility honest-to-goodness Intuitive Professionals have been working hard to secure..

This doesn’t even have anything to do with Reversals, this is just their opinion of what the cards mean in general.

Each of the cards from the the Major Arcana, the Court Cards, and the Pip Cards have the capacity to have a thousand different meanings including positive and negative..I don’t even like to use those terms actually but I’m using them strictly for demonstration.

For example the Devil Card, Death Card, or Nine of Swords are labeled “bad” cards and have negative meanings.

Or cards like the Sun, Strength, or Ace of Cups are considered to be happy and cheery cards bringing love and positivity.

All of those meanings can be correct but they can also mean something entirely different.

The Devil could represent rebirth, surrender, or facing your fears triumphantly.

I’ve had readings where the Sun Card has represented big trouble in a relationship and the Ace of Cups was the beginning of the end of a marriage…

And even if the cards aren’t considered absolute Good or Bad, they still have been given that specific energy and it robs the reader of having an open mind and a subjective heart during a reading..

The way I teach and the way I do my own readings is that I start by connecting to Spirit, taking a moment to quiet my own spirit…I talk with my client, ask powerful questions, and make myself present…I consider the symbolism of the cards, the images, the colors, numbers, and other finely-tuned idiosyncrasies you learn in the Tarot Course…

I teach my students and others to consider ALL the factors in a reading including the surrounding cards, the clients question, and especially their Intuition!

Reading the Tarot with our Intuition is a very exciting and wondrous path to walk…it’s not an exact science and it doesn’t deliver cookie-cutter readings. But it does allows for INFINITE possibilities and delivers stellar results time and time again…

Next time you do a reading open your mind, resist the urge to use a book or even your memory from what the cards may have meant from a previous reading. Allow yourself to try something new, something adventurous and just GO with it…

No two Tarot Readers will read the same way and no two Tarot Cards will be read the same way.

This is just a little Tarot-Tidbit to keep in your hat for when you’re on Social Media or get invites for a course. Make sure to always do your due-diligence to make sure your mentor or educator jives with your philosophy..

Thank you very much!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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