5 Steps to Losing the Fear when Stepping Out of the Tarot Closet!

Do You Fear Telling People You Read the Tarot?

Seriously? Do you fear telling people that you read the Tarot?

If someone asks you what you do, like your doctor, your child’s teacher, or maybe your partner’s mother do you quickly search your mind for something else to say?

Does your spouse or family worry about their own job security because of their association with you?

Do you fear losing your children or visitation through a custody battle or losing other legal rights that you might have?

If you work outside the home in a traditional workplace do you worry about your boss or worse a co-worker finding out?

In 2017, we shouldn’t be afraid to tell people what we do for a living.  With the way the world is opening up and changing in so many ways one could surmise that it would be safe to come out of the Tarot- Closet.

But let’s get real for a moment. There are people who DO freak out over the Tarot. They accuse us of Witchcraft, Heresy, Devil Worship, Black Magic, Voodoo, and other crazy nonsense. They can get pretty indignant and forceful as well.

I’ve had a few people call me horrible names, talk to me like I’m some kind of heathen, and more or less spit on me…You could just hear the hate in their voice!

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that some people would actually be more comfortable if I said I committed a crime and did time as opposed to telling them I read the Tarot.

I expected some back-lash but not like problems I’ve experienced. When I first came out I was a rebel; in my mind I was like, “Fuck That! I’m not holding back for anyone!”

I was raised in a pretty diverse home; my family really didn’t bat an eye when I told them I was becoming a Professional Tarot Reader, in their mind I think they half-expected it. Not much shocked them anymore.

But surprisingly, I did lose a few close friends and I have far less of my friends responding to me or talking to me..

Speaking of Social Media….people can be real ass-hats. On live-streaming apps total strangers would come on my program and begin to curse at me, threaten me, wish me death, wish me a MISCARRIAGE, and other horrible things….You just can’t imagine some of the comments I’ve received by people who felt perfectly entitled and righteous in wishing me harm.

I’ve also received a lot of sexual advances and sexually abusive comments because on their mind if I read the Tarot I must be loose too. Or because I’m a Tarot Reader I deserve to be hurt like that. It’s been absolutely unbelievable the things that have been said to me and assumed of me.

The whole proposition of “should we come out or should we not” is a very challenging one indeed!.

On one hand, we have to tell people what it is we do because we need to get clients. On the other hand there can be quite a bit at stake and sometimes it’s just not worth the risk, no matter how indignant we may feel.

I don’t take the situation lightly…I don’t live in fear, but, I do choose awareness and continually have my Intuition on and at the ready….

So what do we do? Here are two schools of thought:
1. We can succumb to the pressure of hiding what we love because some aspects of society deem the Tarot “evil.

2. We give society a giant F and a U and tell them stick it where the sun don’t shine! Damn straight!

Both points have merit, here’s why.

Even though we think its absolute lunacy the way some of these individuals act towards us, they can be dangerous. Very dangerous.  People can do bad things in the name of their personal or religious beliefs.

They could threaten you or physically hurt you, do things to your home, start trouble at your child’s school, call CPS, etc.

Today, we just really don’t know what people are capable of and that is the only reason I had to learn how to cool my jets and be very selective of who I personally share the Tarot with. It certainly didn’t make me happy but it did make me safe.

At the same time, it’s none of anyone’s damn business what we do as a living and how dare anyone try to jeopardize our health, happiness, and our rights to free speech! Not to mention, as a Professional Tarot Reader, it’s our duty and privilege to share education and to help spread positive awareness of the Tarot.

Hiding in a box and pretending the Tarot doesn’t exist isn’t going to help our causs!

Decisions, decisions…

Realistically, I learned to split it down the middle and use my rebel-heart to help fuel my love of the Tarot where it matters, not on people who seek to destroy it. I learned to walk that fine-line of practicality and common sense.

I’m not necessarily happy about it, but my love for what I do and the people that I help, I’ll bite it.

Below are five tips I recommend to reduce some of the worry and fear you may have over telling people that you’re a Professional Tarot Reader. You’ll walk away feeling like you have a plan and a place to start your journey. Not to mention, you’ll also feel empowered and inspired knowing that you’ve chosen the BEST career ever!

Regardless of what other’s think…never let them steal your joy!.

So here we go…

Five Tips to Lose Fear & Feel Empowered when Coming Out of the Tarot-Closet!

1. Before You Make Any “Announcements” Get YOUR Education On. How we perceive the Tarot is how others will perceive it through us.
You’ll be far more likely to have people take you seriously when your confident in what it is you do. Study, read, practice, and have a really good indication for why it is you love the Tarot and why it’s so important to you.

When people hear your personal testimony, and how it’s an integral part of your life, they’re far more likely to get the cotton out of their ears and perhaps be more open minded. They’re also more likely to speak to you with respect and maybe ask a few questions.

Just in case, have a back-up plan of what you do that is logical and is at least in line with the Tarot; perhaps becoming a Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, or an Educator etc.

That way you can still say what you do without making up 20 different stories and feeling dishonest. Education and awareness begins with us; do your due-diligence.

2. Sit Down With Immediate Family First. Whoever that is for you, spouse, parents, siblings, close friends, etc. These are the people you’ll want to tell first.

Nothing is worse than hearing big news like this second-hand or in a distorted fashion and that’s often where the biggest problems begin. People feel deceived so they think the Tarot is deceitful as well.

Being transparent, open, and honest sets the foundation for the way people perceive you. Your family may not agree with you, they might not like the Tarot, but at least they can’t accuse you of being dishonest about it.

You never know, they may end up being our biggest source of support! Sometimes we have to give people a chance to warm up to it.

3. Prepare to Lose Friends. Unfortunately not everyone understands the Tarot and may not ever take the time to learn. Always remember, we’re not in the “proving” business, we’re in the Tarot Business.Their thoughts and fears of the Tarot are real to them and until they seek higher wisdom, there’s nothing we can do but go on living our lives.

We can’t change people or force a person to see our way; we can only go forward being the very best example of what a Tarot Professional is and does hope that when they see us doing what we love they get it. We have to bless them and let them go.

4. You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation. I’ve had people contact me and say, “I can’t believe you read the Tarot, what the hell is wrong with you, are you some kind of nut?”

I simply reply that I am a Professional Tarot Reader and if they’re interested in learning more about what that means to me, I’d be happy to educate them, until then I tell them I’m sorry they feel the way they do.If anyone has that serious of a problem what you do for a living, that’s their problem, not yours.

Don’t take on someone else’s misunderstandings as your truth.

You don’t have to explain yourself, make up lies, or downplay the Tarot. I’ve found that by keeping my mouth shut and resisting having to educate them, it makes them more uncomfortable than me.

Some  will get SO pissed off when I don’t engage, their eyes get all weird and their face shrivels up, but it ends the stress on my part and puts their issue right back in their lap.

5. Listen to Your Gut. If you feel threatened, if you’re at your child’s school, or if something just doesn’t feel right, go ahead and pull out your Plan B. Go to your back-up plan.

Don’t worry, you’re not selling out or giving in, in fact you’re using your head and listening to your Intuition. Nothing or no one is worth you getting hurt. Like I said, some folks are dangerous we have to err on the side of caution.

Here’s a final thought…IF you do experience any type of harassment, loss of wages, any type of injury, or if you or your spouse is terminated from a job or is harassed in anyway, you do have legal recourse within the United States.

I urge you to learn your rights, not to throw them in someone’s face, but to develop confidence in yourself and realize that you do have resources and  options. Knowing that will give you the biggest piece if mind and it can help you to avoid bigger problems later.

Please note: I’m not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice. I’m simply offering suggestions based on my own experiences. Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own thoughts and actions. Please take the time to learn the laws in your city, state, and country.

Thank you very much and PLEASE share your thoughts below! I’d love to hear what YOU think!
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’


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