NEW eBook: 5 Simple Steps to Develop Your Intuition & Increase Your Self-Confidence!

5 Simple Steps to Developing Your Intuition & Increasing Your Self-Confidence

Good Morning and Happy Monday-Time to get crack-a-lackin’ and booty-smackin’!

Monday is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start your week on a fresh note…

Speaking of fresh..IT’S HERE! My NEW eBOOK!

This weekend I finished my brand-new eBook, “5 Simple Steps to Developing Your Intuition & Increasing your Self-Confidence!”

To get your FREE copy, all you have to do is look to the right side bar, up at the top, and enter your name and email where prompted to. You’ll be taken to a  brief “Thank You Page” and shortly after that a newsletter will arrive in your email inbox with the link to the new.

In the interactive workbook I’ll share with you the FIVE simple steps (plus an extra BONUS step) I personally used to develop MY OWN Intuition and increase my Self-Confidence.

I included a series of Coaching Questions after each section so you can immediately begin to take part in the lessons and quickly see the results.

You’ll learn how to:
+ Make a Commitment
+ Create a Healthy Lifestyle
+ Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection
+ Daily Meditation and Grounding
+ Increase Your Personal Spirit

Each of these steps are specifically designed to put YOU on the best track possible to develop your Intuition, increase your Confidence, and deliver powerful Tarot Readings with style and grace.

How to Use the Workbook
The workbook is in eBook format.

You’ll be able to either save, download, and print a copy to physically write on (it’s only 17 pages) or you can keep it all online and use the Coaching Questions as prompts for your journal or planner.

I’ve also included a Bonus Section that will give you additional tips PLUS fun exercises to immediately put your Intuition and Confidence to the test!

Once you understand how to develop your Intuition and understand what it feels like you’ll automatically be much more Confident.

Feeling Confident and comfortable with the entire Intuitive-Development process will put you in the BEST seat possible to become a Professional Intuitive Tarot Reader!

There are Tarot Educators jumping on the “Intuitive Tarot Reading” bandwagon but they aren’t teaching about what your Intuition is or how to develop it.

I personally believe that’s why so many people struggle with Intuitive Tarot Reading; because they feel like they’re either pulling the card meanings out of thin air or that they’re making it up.

They don’t know that there’s a tried-and-true process to help them along.

I teach that process in my Tarot course and this workbook is “Step 1” of that process.

This is the ONLY place you’ll find that information!

I hope you enjoy the eBook, it was definitely a journey of continued education and inspiration for me; I always enjoy learning new concepts about Spirituality and our Intuition.

If you enjoy the book, please create a personal testimonial w me; you can write me at:
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Thank You Very Much and Enjoy YOUR DAY,
Brightest Blessings,

Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

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