Spiritual Sunday: Finding Joy In the Journey

Spiritual Sunday!

Today is about “Finding Joy”! So many of us feel as if we’re in such a struggle to “find” JOY.

I’ve searched all around the world for most of my life for something that would make me happy; men, alcohol, sex, money, success, other dark things…and each person and thing that I found broke my heart deeper than what it originally was.

I haven’t been a happy person for a very long time and I’ve learned JOY is state of mind.. Not something to seek but something to experience.. JOY is something I have to make for myself.

To be HAPPY and JOYFUL is our own responsibility. Believe it or not it’s much like changing your clothes…you can choose to be miserable or you can change your mind and be JOYFUL..

I’ve also learned, at 50, times goes by SO quickly.. so, so quickly. The time you’ve spent in an unhappy state you will not get back.. I’ve wasted so much time

Today I invite you to smile, laugh, give someone a hug, play with your kids, take a walk with your partner, or perhaps think of someone else beside your own problems.

Find JOY in the Journey, and In Your Day..

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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