How to Clear and Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

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How to “Clear and Cleanse” Your Tarot Deck?”

+ You can use Sage or Smudge and “smoke” one card at a time or the entire deck at once. I like to do each card once in a while, like every 6 months or so, in a ritualistic fashion.
+ You can place your cards out in the light of a Full Moon to absorb all of that energetic goodness. For the safety of your deck you can put them on a window sill or close to a window.

+If you have Clearing and Cleansing crystals you can place three of them on top of the deck and leave undisturbed overnight.
+ Here’s an extra tip, when I have multiple clients and or are working at an event, and I make sure to have those crystals with me and I place them on that deck for about an hour while I substitute another deck. It can give your cards a quick recharge and a  quick clearing.
+If you have a dark cloth (wards off negativity and protects the cards) wrap your Tarot Deck and completely submerge your cards in a large bowl of Sea Salt for 24 hours. Salt is an EXCELLENT Universal cleanser and works in a natural way to Clear, Cleanse, and refresh your Tarot Deck.

You should Clear and Cleanse your Tarot Deck when you first acquire one and periodically afterwards. You can do a light treatment daily and then a more intense cleansing on a weekly and monthly business. ere’s dozens of methods you can use to Clear and Cleanse your Tarot Cards, what’s important is finding a way that works best for you AND be consistent with it.  

You can never Clear and Cleanse your cards too often or too much:)

In the comments below please share how you Clear and Cleanse your Tarot Deck!

Thank you very much,
Brightest Blessings and Namaste’!


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