What Exactly Is the Tarot?

What Exactly IS the Tarot?

To get us started and to really set the stage for what the Tarot is…I’d like to share a quote:

“The Tarot is a practice that is rich in history and cultural knowledge. It is a science of the mind. Through its development, Tarot cards have absorbed the wisdom, the narratives, the philosophies, the cultural anthropologies, and the moral lessons of many societies, many religions, and many schools of thoughts.” Benebell Wen Author of “The Holistic Tarot”.

This sums up the Tarot so eloquently and so honestly…if only everyone could see the Tarot like this instead of viewing it as some type of evil entity. 

If we listen closely as Benebell explains, you can almost imagine the Tarot and the people who have sought after it for hundreds and hundreds of years. You can feel their worry, their fear…. their anticipation, and their angst.

The world has been a harsh place for my of its inhabitants; war, famine, disease, slavery, dictatorship, fighting, religious persecution.. and the Tarot has been there through all of it.

When I close my eyes I can almost see the faces of he people, I can hear their stories, I can feel their fear….I can see their eyes frantically searching the face of the Tarot Reader looking for some sign of hope and a positive outcome.

People can survive terrible situations if they know they’re going to be OK at the end of it. It gives them the additional strength and courage to keep going forward.

As a professional Tarot Reader, sometimes that’s exactly what the client wants to know…are they going to be OK? While we don’t predict outcomes or tell the future..we can certainly help the client to calm their nerves and help them work towards finding a viable solution to their query.

The Tarot , has survived for over 1,300 years…and has traveled around the world, multiple times.

The Tarot is Rich in Wisdom and Insight!

The Tarot represents beautifully how each of us are all inter connected…and together interconnected to God, or Universe. Spirit, Love, light, Buddha, Alha,

In life-coaching we’re that each of us has the answers we seek somewhere with in us. We don’t have to go outside our self to find the answers we need.

The Tarot is much the same way, when we consult the Tarot we’re consulting ourselves and the people who’ve come before us…it resonates those aspects of our self and illuminates those answers back to us.

The Main Components of the Tarot

The Tarot is a group of 78 paper cards divided into 2 groups – The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana.

Arcana means Arcane which is “sacred” or hidden wisdom or knowledge.

We’ll Being with The Major Arcana (show image of card). 
There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana numbered from 0 to 21.
The cards begin with the number “0” card which is The Fool goes to card number “21” which is The World card.

The Major Arcana represents the major or “upper story” of the client’s life, what’s currently going on at the moment. What’s the most urgent matter? What is effecting their life the most right now?

The Major Arcana helps us to discover and discern the more serious aspects of the client’s life.

The Minor Arcana
The Minor Arcana is much like the traditional playing cards we see today and was added hundreds of years after the Major Arcana was originally created.

The Minor Arcana represents the “lower story” of the client’s life.

It helps us to discover the supporting factors in those situations, the day-to-day happenings, the people, personalities, and energies of the people involved.

The Minor Arcana is further broken down into the 16 Court Cards, the 40 Pip Cards, and then divided even more into the Four Suits.

The Four Suits
The Suits tell us WHERE in life this is occurring or what the individual may be experiencing. The Suits help us to narrow down into which area of life is the question occurring in. Being a Tarot reader is almost like being a detective – what area of life is this reading about

The Court Cards
There are 16 Court Cards that contain 4 sets of Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages or there may be other interpretations the artist may have decided to use instead. The Kings and Queens and such are part of the “traditional”  imagery of the Tarot. Today, anything is possible in the Tarot from Feng Shui to Baseball!

To keep it simple, the Court Cards can represent the people and personalities in the client’s life, the literal and figurative aspects of the individual, people living or deceased, even people from the past and the future.

The Court Cards can be tricky for some people but in my BRAND-New Tarot Program (coming soon) I share a sure-fire way to master the Court Card meanings once and for all.

The Pip Cards
The Pip Cards are the remaining 40 cards in the deck. They’re broken down into four sets of cards numbered from the Ace to the Ten.

Ace (1) represents the beginning (birth) of a smaller cycle (depending on the suit).

The Suit suggests the area of life 2 through 9 represent the expansion, growth, actualization, and the culmination of the journey.

The (10) represents the end of the cycle and the highest awareness gained or lessons learned.
(*The Court Cards can represent further progression of that lesson or the players involved.)

Pip cards can also represent the day to day activities of our daily lives, the challenges, and resistance we face.

The Tarot Can Represent Many Things

The following points are some ideas of what the Tarot is and can resemble.

After we break it down and understand all of the working parts of the Tarot, we can begin to understand the true beauty of the Tarot and the amazing GIFT we have preserved for over one thousand years!

There should be no fear when using the Tarot; only hope, joy, and promise. One of my goals is to help people understand what the Tarot IS and Is not.

There’s no devil, no evil, no malice, or greed…just the deep desire to help people figure out their life where it is, right now, in present time.

When we put the Tarot back together again and use it as it was intended, here are some of the beautiful ways the Tarot can be viewed and experienced.

Metaphors, Symbols, and Parables: The human mind can’t quite comprehend Spiritual concepts. The images, colors, and symbols in the cards can relay Spiritual and meaningful messages.

A Window to the Soul: The Tarot reflects back to us all the different aspects of our Soul, our Higher Purpose, our authentic-self, our thoughts, our emotions, fears, ideas, needs, experiences, past lives, personalities, etc.

The Hero’s/Fools Journey: The Tarot is symbolic of the Hero’s of Fools Journey which is someone going through a type of personal journey that will ultimately result in enlightenment, transformation, a new identity, a new thought process, etc. The Tarot can help to determine where we are on our path, what we’ve over come, what we may be looking for, and how we may be able to find it.

Our Psychological and Spiritual Awareness: The Tarot can represent our psychological and Spiritual paths and experiences. Our Subconscious is filled with dreams, pictures, thoughts, memories, and visions. Those images trigger thoughts and awareness that are reflected back to us within the Tarot for realization and understanding.

The Spectrum of Human Archetypes and the Shadow:  The Tarot can be representative of all the different Archetypes and the Shadow aspect of a person.  Archetypes are a primordial pattern of thought, instinct, and behavior we are all naturally born with that exists in the subconscious. You can’t physically see an archetype but you can witness their behavior. The images of the Major Arcana can help us recognize and identify those particular characteristics in a reading.

Our Intuition and Psychic Development. The Tarot can help us to develop our Imagination, Intuition, and Psychic sense. The Images and characteristics of the Tarot can also help is to trigger our imagination, Intuition, and Psychic sense and act as a doorway to the “other  side”.

Go ahead and take your cards out and divide them into the different groups! Take time looking at each of the cards, holding them in your hands, feeling that arcane wisdom flowing though your veins…

The Tarot is in each of us…it’s a part of our past, and a part of who we are. It holds amazing opposites to help us life our best life, right now.

Thank you for reading!

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Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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