Brand-NEW Workbook, Podcasts, FACEBOOK Group, and More!

Got LOTS Shakin’ Today, Baby!

Oh My GOSH there are SO many NEW things happening at SUPERNATURAL TAROT, I can’t wait to share, and there is more to come!

You’ve probably seeing (and hearing) me doing different things and wonder what the heck is she doing? And HOW do I participate??

This post will help shed some light on what’s NEW and what’s Coming!

Today, I’m instituting a NEW Tool. Because you’re busy doing your thing with your kids, family, business, and more… I imagine you’re like me and don’t have time to always SIT and READ a newsletter…or a blog post. 

So beginning today I’m delivering newsletters and blog posts in Podcast form. ALL The details are right here: SUPERNATURAL TAROT NEWS Podcast Link

If you prefer to read….
Ok so here we go, how are you today?

As you know I’ve been in the B-School Program for the past 7 weeks and also studying and working with NEW coaches and NEW business programs.

And I’m SO fricken excited to begin sharing with you some of the BRAND-NEW tools and items I’ve created to help YOU become a more CONFIDENT and CONSISTENT Tarot Reader and to also BLOW the lid off your Tarot Business!

Now, I know the struggle has been Real! No doubt…

I know that you’ve been busting ass trying to “Intuitively” discern these cards and trying to craft out some type of Tarot Business.

I know how important it is for YOU to TRUST your gut and to STOP SECOND-Guessing yourself every time you do a reading.

We’ve all been there, and I know how sucky it is to go around and around in your head wondering if you should tell the client the hits you’re getting or if you should keep them to yourself.

I’m 150% committed to crafting the TOOLS, TUTORIALS, GUIDES, CHECKLISTS, and other materials YOU NEED that’ll help you kick FEAR, DOUBT, and WORRY in the ASS and allow YOU to SHINE as the amazing and beautiful Tarot Professional I know you are!!

I’m committed to bring you the necessary INFO and SUPPORT that’ll take you from CONFUSION to CLARITY quicker than you think!

Here’s some things to get you up and running RIGHT NOW!

1. FREE Workbook
If you haven’t already opened it, I sent you a PDF entitled: “5 Simple Steps to Develop Your Intuition and Increase Your Self-Confidence.”

You can get your copy right here:
“5 Simple Steps to Develop Your Intuition and Increase Your Self-Confidence”

I’ll share with you the FIVE simple steps I personally used to develop MY OWN Intuition and increase my Self-Confidence.

Plus, I included a series of coaching questions after each section so you can immediately begin to take part in the lessons and quickly see the results.


2. Newsletters and Blog Posts in Podcast Style PLUS New FREE Podcasts!
You’ll receive a newsletter or a blog postjust like this one (but it’ll be greatly shortened) and it’ll contain a link to a recording of the main messages of the newsletter.

That way you can listen On-the-GO and not be tied to your computer!

I’ll also be restarting my original radio show/podcast called, “SUPERNATURAL Talk Radio” within the next week or so, I’ll send the link when it’s ready.


3. FREE Facebook Group
I’ve created a BRAND NEW Free Facebook Group, for ladies only, and it’s called “SUPERNATURAL Rock Stars.”

Click here to join:

This Gypsy-TRIBE is for BAD-ASS WOMEN who are SERIOUS about LEARNING how to Intuitively read the TAROT and build a Powerful Tarot Business!

No matter where you’re at on your Tarot-Journey, you’re WELCOME to join us.


4. FREE Teaching Live-Streams
I created what I call the “#TarotTeachingSeries” where I was teaching mini classes on Tarot, Business, and Spirituality on Periscope at 9 AM Pacific Time on Tuesdays, Thursday’s, and Saturday Mornings.

My name on Periscope is @SuperNatTarot. Periscope is a FREE APP you can download on your phone, tablet, or iPad.

IF you want, you can still watch any my previous “scopes” on Periscope simply by searching for my user name @SuperNatTarot and look for the #TarotTeachingSeries in the title.

OR, you can listen to them in my Podcast Series starting within the next week or so. I’ll send the link when its ready.


5. FREE Tarot Tips & Tricks
Tarot, Tips and Tricks are colorful headers containing simple and practical Tarot, Business, & Spirituality Tips! I have them all over Social Media and also my website. Their designed to help you bridge the smaller gaps in your Tarot knowledge bank!

Sometimes, having a creative and colorful image makes it so much easier to learn!
Here’s an example:

Isn’t that CUTE!

If you’re on Social Media, I invite you to CONNECT with me!


6. PLUS GET CONNECTED On Social Media!!
If you love interacting and engaging on Social Media, here is HOW to find me online. I also have some Social Media on the right side bar of my website.

If you’re on Pinterest you can find me at: Pinterest Profile Page

Instagram: @Supernaturaltarot

Twitter: @SuperNatTarot

Professional Facebook Page: Facebook Business Page

Linked In: Linked In Business Page

Google Plus Google Plus Business Page



IF You haven’t completed the SUPERNATURAL TAROT Survey, I’m going to invite you to pop in and give it a whirl. Please and Thank YOU. It contains questions that will help me HELP YOU!

Please click here:

If you HAVE participated, THANK YOU so VERY MUCH!

I appreciate you more than you could know…


Thank YOU very much for reading/listening! I’m interested in your thoughts about the newsletter and blog posts being in Podcast form or anything else about the business.

You can message me anytime at:

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’


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