5 Steps to Understanding and Activating Your Intuition and Psychic Senses

5 Steps to Understanding and Activating your Intuition and Psychic Sense

Everyone at some time in their life has had, or will have, a moment where they instinctively know something is going to happen, they can’t put their finger on how they know, but it is a strong signal.

Do you every know when the phone is going to ring, or ever think of someone and automatically they show up?

Do you ever get a hunch to do or not to do something and you find out later it was or wasn’t a good choice?

Have you ever met a potential date or a partner and felt ….a little weird …..and found out later that was a dangerous person?

Today you’ll learn 5 easy methods of discovering your Intuitive Abilities and your Unique Psychic Sense that can easily attune to your business and life and/or your Tarot Business…

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Our intuition is a building block to our success in all areas of our life, not just the Tarot.

We have to be able to trust our gut and make good choices based on those feelings. Studies show the more successful a person is in business the higher their Intuition and Psychic Ability is!

That makes sense; powerful business people have to make split-second decisions and may not have all the facts in front of them or ample time to read them over.

Sometimes they have to be able to trust their Intuition to make critical decisions on the spot.

Mothers are other people famous for having what we call “Mothers Intuition”.

You immediately know if your baby is going to cry, you know if your baby is crying even when they aren’t with you.

You instinctively know if they’re hurt, about to be hurt, or in some kind of trouble.

You may instantly wake up in the middle night knowing they’re untucked or fussing.

That’s not a fluke!

Intuition is an innate “sense” of events, thoughts, activities or feelings of others that are outside of the normal human ability to perceive them.

You’re having an experience outside of your normal “senses” range.

For example, someone with extraordinary Intuition may have a very strong feeling that someone they just met has a drinking problem even though the person shows no outward appearance of being alcoholic.

An Intuitive is directly connected to a “Psychic Ability.”

Our Psychic Ability is the VEHICLE in which RECEIVE our Intuitive thoughts, they go hand in hand.

Each of us has some type of Psychic Ability, whether it’s developed or not is a different story, but each of us do have a particular Gift, or two, or three. And like I always say, there is no one who is more Gifted or Intuitive than the next.

WE can learn to accentuate those gifts though reading the Tarot and the 5 lessons I have listed before.

Here are 7 Common Psychic Abilities (‘clair’ means clear). Take a moment to read through them to see of anything resonates with you.

As you go throughout your days and your readings listen to HOW your bodyreceives the information.


Clairvoyance: Clear seeing, or psychic vision

Clairaudience: Clear hearing, or psychic hearing

Clairsentience: Clear feeling/sensing or psychic feeling/sensing, including clairempathy

Claircognizance: Clear knowing or psychic knowing

Clairgustance: Clear tasting or psychic tasting, sometimes also called clairambience

Clairalience: Clear smelling or psychic smelling, sometimes also called clairscent

Here’s a Few More Psychic Abilities:

Astral Projection: is the ability to cause your conscious awareness to be in a position outside of your physical body.

Aura Reading: is the perception that allows a “sensitive” to perceive a disturbance in the air surrounding an individual, animal, or object. Auras are defined differently by different people, with some referring to them in the spiritual terms, while some researchers refer to them in purely scientific terms.

Automatic Writing: is a technique that many clairvoyants use to pass information from the spiritual world through their subconscious mind and onto paper.

Channeling: is similar to automatic writing, except instead of the outside spiritual intelligence controlling the psychic’s hand, it take over the vocal chords of the psychic. .

Precognition: is the ability to foretell the future. This particular form of future viewing involves obtaining specific information about an event, rather than a visual “viewing” of the future.

Psychometry: is the ability of a psychic to perceive energies (also called vibrations or impressions) from an object. This ability has been portrayed often in movies and TV shows where a psychic touches an object and receives flashbacks about the person who last touched it.

Telekinesis or psychokinesis: is one of the most commonly portrayed psychic abilities in the media. It refers to the ability of a psychic to affect or move objects.

Telepathy: is the ability to communicate with others through mental thought alone.

The KEY here is that you grow to understand the LANGUAGE of the body to KNOW whether it’s your analytical mind speaking OR your INTUITION.

THAT is UBER important!

That’s the way you’ll know if it’s your Intuition chatting you up and dropping all these mega bombs in your lap during a reading or your own thoughts.

So how do we attune to our Intuition, how do we make the connection to our Intuitive hits? By taking some time and doing the following….

Here are my own of guidelines set of guidelines and exercises I’ve used to develop my Intuition and Psychics Ability further than I ever thought possible.

Just a note, this lesson is based off of my workbook, “5 Simple Steps to Develop Your Intuition and Increase your Self-Confidence.”

I would HIGHLY recommend you do that FIRT, then come back here. You can get it for FREE by looking to the right side bar, sigh up for my Tarot Tip Newsletter, and BAM it’s in your INBOX!

Ok, onward and upward….

5 Steps to Understanding and Activating your Intuition and Psychic Sense

1. Connecting to Spirit/Energetic Source: In order to really get in touch with your Intuition and Psychic Self you may want to consider connecting to your Spirit Source or Energy Source.

As humans it’s very difficult to do any of this work alone and to connect to Spirit and/or Energy helps to build that line of communication clearly and easily.

With a little practice you’ll be surprised how easy it is to trust yourself and trust your abilities.

In my particular case, my ability is a direct gift from my Spirit source.

2. Create Sacred Space. I teach this in my Tarot class. We all need space to come down from the world and process our information.

Each of us needs a private space filled with items that empower us and enrich us.

Items you can use are Crystals, Flowers, Oracle or Tarot Cards, Angel Cards or Statues, Books, Spiritual Memorabilia, anything at all that makes you feel intuitive and helps bring you peace.

3. Developing your Six Physical Senses: Building up all of your “Natural Senses” is a powerful step to increasing your Intuition.

Your senses are partly energy based the more energy you raise the more energy you raise…overall.

Your Natural Senses Include:
+ Sight
+ Hearing
+ Taste
+ Touch
+ Smell
+ Our Feelings can be considered a sense…

Some people have one or two sense that are stronger than the others and to really be able to tune into your Intuition and discover your Psychic Ability, you have to be connected to all 6 of your senses and rely on their ability to relay information. 

The “correct” information.

Humans are created with a wicked guidance system, similar to animals but so few take the time to develop it. Understanding and connecting your Intuition depends…

4. Meditation. Meditating at least once a day is CRITICAL to understanding and activating your Intuition and Psychic Ability.

Spiritual Leaders haven’t Meditated or recommended Meditation because they like to sit. They do I because it’s a necessary element of Spiritual Development, which includes, Developing, Understanding, Activating your Intuition.

One does not get to Spiritual Enlightenment without Meditation…

Meditation is the KEY to Getting in touch with yourself and learning to Trust and GROW your senses so you CAN learn to use your Intuition.

Meditation is NOT a part of Western Medicine, and it’s NOT normal for Americans. We have to TRAIN ourselves to Meditate.

And not everyone Meditates the same because not everyone can sit for that long and stop moving for that long..There are ways to implement Meditation into your life.

Go deep within yourself and listen to what your body is saying.

Find those places your Intuition sits and connect to it on a new level.

During this time too, clear your negative thoughts, clear our things that no longer serve you. Spirit and Energy can’t connect to a mind that is filled with too much stuff.

5. Listen to Your Body. Very important to LISTEN to the body.
What is happening during times of question or concern? What types of feelings do you get?

Do you feel something in your stomach, do you get goose bumps, does the hair go up on your neck, do you get the chills, or and do you feel an upset stomach, or all of the above?

It’s different for everyone.

I can discern someone’s intent by seeing in their chest. People have an aura for me in the center of their chest that is right in the middle of the breast bone.

I call it a person’s energy center. I can see the illumination of their insides and their heart. There is where I can tell if someone is authentic or not.

Each of us will have a different physical, psychological

Bonus: If you really want to kick your Intuition into over drive…Get creative!! Let yourself Play!

Draw, dance, paint, love, sketch, journal, create things. Take the time to develop your artistic-self.

Your Intuition and Psychic ability revolve heavily around creation. Your thoughts and dreams are giant metaphors for your truth, the more you spend time in subconscious activities the more you increase your intuition!

Above ALL, truly connecting to your Intuition and understanding how it operates for YOU is WORK!

It’s NOT easy and it DOES take time…

Stay the course, follow the lessons, listen to your body and before you know it…you’ll be reading the Tarot like a pro!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’

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