About Me

About Me

What if I told you that your Intuition is 10 times MORE accurate than any Tarot Book or Tarot Website ever could be AND that YOU have ALL the answers you seek…

Hello, my name is Kristen and I’m the Creator and Educational Director of SUPERNATURAL TAROT. I’m also a Professional Tarot Reader, Educator/Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, and two-timed Published Author.

I absolutely LOVE and have great RESPECT for the Tarot and teaching others how to develop their Intuition and Self-Confidence to “Intuitively” read the Tarot and become a successful Tarot-Entrepreneur is what I do best!

My greatest Passion and Purpose is teaching INCREDIBLE women just like you how to shake-off life’s most difficult experiences to realize your Extraordinary Value and Purest Potential. Together we’ll discover your Gifts, Passion, and Soul-Purpose and direct each of your talents into becoming a Professional Tarot Reader and building your very own TAROT BUSINESS!!

My Tarot Philosophy

Feel frustrated, agitated, and confused learning how to read the Tarot? I did too! Low self-confidence and second-guessing yourself is a bitch! Who has time for that?

When you haven’t had any type of formal “Tarot Training” it’s super easy to feel frustrated, nervous, anxious, and to have serious self-doubt when you sit down with a client. When I first began reading the Tarot we didn’t have the types of classes we see today.

You had to look really hard to find a bookstore that sold Tarot Cards and actual Tarot Books. When I began to read professionally and charge actual money, I was scared to death.

Unfortunately, those feelings can cause us to feel like we don’t know enough or that we’re not ready to read professionally and it can create a vicious cycle.

And that’s just crazy…Here’s why….The beauty of Tarot is that we all know enough!

EACH of us has that InfiniteTarot-Wisdom buried deep within us!

There is no one who is more gifted or more capable of reading the Tarot than YOU. The only real difference between you and a Professional Tarot Reader is the amount of time they’ve put into it. That’s it…

There’s no magic formula, so sacred birth mark, no seventh son of a seventh son… No one was “crested” at birth, etc. Although there are people out there that believe that, most of us in the Professional Tarot Community today agree that the Tarot is open to anyone who is wiling to learn.

Each of us was blessed at birth with the same degree of Intuition and the same ability to activate it. I tell my students all the time that it’s through the journey of becoming a Professional Tarot Reader that we learn all those sacred aspects about ourselves and others.

Learning the Tarot is more about Self-Discovery than it is about the Tarot, actually, because I teach you to read Intuitively, from your Soul! We have to learn to shed all the things in life that have held us back; we keep the lessons and we dump the drama.

We have to learn to trust ourselves, to trust Spirit, to trust the process….

We ditch the books, the charts, the flashcards, and open our Mind, Body, and Soul to the Tarot Journey! We learn how to tap into that Infinite Wisdom through our Intuition and our Spirituality!

You learn to understand the Tarot and its images and receive messages in a way that makes sense to you.

For each of us, the journey is different; no two people will ever learn the Tarot the same way nor will they ever read the Tarot the same way.

And even though we learn to read the Tarot Intuitively, there is still a structure and a fundamental element to it. You have to learn the Tarot signs, symbols, the numbers, the characteristics of the deck, the Major and the Minor Arcana, etc…

And as you learn and as you begin to feel more confident and understand how the Tarot works… you’ll begin to feel you’re authentic “Tarot-Self” coming out.

You’ll learn how to channel your Gifts, Passion, and Soul-Purpose into an actual Tarot-Career career!

You’ll feel calm, relaxed, confident, and in total control of yourself and your Tarot Cards as you deliver Powerful and Accurate readings with STYLE and GRACE. 

How Did I Get Here?

I’m here to demonstrate that I am Proof Positive you can come from a completely “fucked-up” background and turn your LIFE into something absolutely BRILLIANT!

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what anyone has ever told you, YOU ARE AMAZING! You can do anything you set your mind too!! If I can pull myself up out of the obnoxious hell-hole I was swimming in, I know for a fact that you can too!

Your life is just beginning! I BELIEVE in YOU!

I’d like to begin with a little quote:

Today I recognize my WEAKNESSES as my Calling-Cards for Success!
Every-DAY is an opportunity for me to step-out of my Shadow to use my POWERS for GOOD instead of Evil..”

I created this quote to remind myself that EVERY DAY I have the CHOICE to be either a ravishingly successful Tarot Pro with a highly successful Tarot Biz or I can be a falling down drunk and a miserable bitch!

That’s all SUCCESS really is; a series of making INTELLIGENT and APPROPRIATE decisions that lead us to our Highest Good.

We can either decide to do the RIGHT THING…or not. Trust me when I tell you, I spent a LIFE-TIME of making the WRONG decisions…

Here’s a List of Mine…Anything Sound Familiar??
*Early Addiction and Self-Sabotage
*Running Away from Home/Escapism
*Choosing Abusive and Co-dependent Relationships
*Lying and Manipulating Behavior
*Being Unfaithful in Most of My Relationships
*Struggling with My Weight and Self-Image
*NOT Being a Good Friend
*NOT Being Present (Or Sober) as a Wife and Mother
*Being a Falling Down Drunk
*Risking My Life and the Lives of Others
*Not Speaking My Truth
*IGNORING the Work of My Soul

Not to mention having a COMPLETE Lack of Self-Respect…My imagination tells me that YOU TOO have a FEW of these issues as well!

I can totally dig it, because of our TRAUMATIC and EXTENSIVE life experience we can sometimes feel SO out-of-control and SO overwhelmed that we just keep going FULL-SPEED ahead in the wrong direction.

Before you know it, 30 years have gone by and we have one divorce (or more) under our belt, our kids are gown, we’re overweight (FAT), we’re unhappy, we have NO true friends left, and WONDER what in the HELL Happened? Right?

I was 43 YEARS OLD when I began to TURN my LIFE AROUND. I didn’t think I could do it either, but something happened that KICKED ME in the ASS and make me take notice…

I know you can turn your life around too! I BELIEVE IN YOU! I’ve stood in your shoes, I’ve felt your self-doubt..I also felt what it was like to finally find peace...

Some Decisions are Made for You

Six and-a-half-years ago I had an extreme wake-up call. I was forced to make one of THE most IMPORTANT decisions of my life…whether I wanted to LIVE or to DIE.

I was 43 years old and just been diagnosed with a severe case of Gallstones and my Gallbladder had to be immediately removed. 32 years of alcoholism, smoking, poor diet, rotten relationships, and self-sabotage (AKA my miserable existence) had finally caught up with me.

My surgeon looked me right in the eyes and said, “Young Lady, either you quit smoking and drinking today and change your life, or this Gallbladder issue won’t matter because you’ll be dead in less than 6 months.”

He was right! I had felt it (death) coming for a while…and even though I was a functioning alcoholic I knew that my time was limited…I was dying a little bit every day emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I don’t know how..but right then, I made the DECISION to LIVE! It was like someone turned a light on. 

I had two amazing daughters in high school and was planning my wedding to Leif. I had no idea what “LIFE” meant, but I was pretty sure I wanted to try it out.

It’s funny, we spend a LIFE-TIME trying to kill ourselves but when it finally comes down to it we DECIDE we want to LIVE …At that moment, I DECIDED to change EVERYTHING! I had brushes with success many times but never bathed in the full splendor of VICTORY…I wanted to try one more time.

Now, every single day I CONTINUE to make the DECISION to keep my shit in one bag and power-on to BE the Professional Tarot Reader and Spiritual Business Owner you see in front of you today…

What I’ve Learned

Shortly after the surgery and I became sober I received the “call” to attend a Spiritual and Metaphysical College in a nearby city. There was this overwhelming feeling that wouldn’t leave me alone that I had to pursue.

I’d spent 30 years prior in the beauty and personal services industry because I totally LOVED connecting with women and helping to make them look and feel beautiful!

But I was missing something; I was overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, exhausted, and bored as hell…Although I seriously LOVED my clients and LOVED my work…I was stuck and broke.

I wanted to make PERSONAL difference with WOMEN not just a difference in their appearance. I wanted to go deeper… wanted to shake them up a bit, make them think, and help them create a more empowering life.

I wanted a career that would make would make a huge impact on the client’s life and them how to impact the world!

The college offered classes in Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Studies, Business, and much more. I went through a complete Mind, Body, and Spiritual Transformation.

1. We need to develop a Spiritual Connection to Someone or Something greater than ourselves, in a way that we can understand and relate to, in order to be truly HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. We can’t do it all on our own. I resisted God/Universe/Spirit my entire life and my entire life up until now SUCKED. I entered into that a program a shell of a human

2. Each of us was created in Divine Light; there are no extra people. Each of us was given a specific Gift, Passion, and a Purpose to create Abundance and Prosperity in our lives and make a significant IMPACT in the world. When we don’ learn what those are or ignore them, your life becomes off-track and unmanageable.

3. Our life and suffering is not in vain! Before we came into this world we sat down with God, Universe, or Spirit (in a way that you recognize) and our Spiritual Team to create our life. We choose specific and significant lessons to help us reach higher levels of Spirituality. When we don’t learn those lessons, we’ll continue to repeat those patterns lifetime after lifetime until we resolve those issues.

We also choose the particular individuals to join us; parents, partners, friends, including the stranger who assaulted you, etc. To learn more about “Soul Contracts” read this book, “The Little Soul and the Sun, by Neale Donald Walsh.”

4. Our perceived “weaknesses” are actually our greatest gifts! You had to go through all of those difficult times in your life and meet those particular people in order to prepare you for the second half of your life. Each of those “terrible incidents” you experienced was in place because you wanted to learn from it. Now those lessons are your most powerful allies.

For the first time in 32 years, I was able to HEAL the DEEPEST and DARKEST parts of myself and was finally able to learn how to have a HEALTHY Marriage, Real Friendships, Serious Tarot Ability, and an AMAZING Tarot Business!!

I wake up every single day SOBER, HAPPY, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Are You Ready to MAKE a WISE Decision?

Are you ready to meet and embrace that wildly Successful, Adventurous, Gorgeous, and SEXY Entrepreneur living inside of you?

The following is the “short-list” of my services. I begin all of my services with a Tarot Reading and then, if necessary, we’ll decide what additional services you’ll need.

Book a Tarot Reading. For all the insightful and dynamic ways a Tarot Reading can change your life including how to schedule, pay, and receive your Tarot Reading please go to the Book Your Tarot Reading NOW page.

Work With Me.  To read about the additional services I odescriptions for my additional servics of Tarot, Business, and Spiritual Mentoring Sessions please visit my Work With Me Page

Tarot Specials. For a complete list of my Tarot Specials please visit the: Book Your Tarot Reading NOW Page.

BRAND-NEW Tarot Program. I’m SO HAPPY and EXCITED to announce we’ll be entering the “pre-launch” phase soon for the program. This has been a MASSIVE overhaul to my initial Tarot 101 Course and it’s taken me a little longer than expected to go through every single survey, speak to each of you in person, form special groups, and actualize the deepest desires you wish to gain in a Tarot Program.

I promise you it’ll be worth the wait!

I invite you to get on my “Wait List” by going to: http://www.GetOntheListNow.com You’ll hear first hand all the details as they become available, you’ll learn how you can lock in at a great price, and how to become a Founding Member and receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the program AND be a part of our VERY special Alumni Society.

Tarot MemberShip and Facebook CommUnity: http://www.supernaturaltarotmembership.com
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Additional Services: To learn more about Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Soul Contracts, Spirit Release, and Soul Rescue: Spiritual Services Page

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Wrapping It Up!

Thank YOU so much for stopping by and checking me out.

I hope that you have enjoyed what you have read and feel as if you can connect to me on a professional level! I’m ready to your Teacher and Guide in helping YOU connect to your Gifts, Passion, and Soul Purpose.

Let’s Say It Out-Loud Together…
“Today I recognize my WEAKNESSES as my CalIing-Cards for Success! Every-DAY is an OPPORTUNITY for me to step out of my Shadow and use my POWERS for GOOD instead of Evil..”

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’