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A Tarot Reading can help to bring INSIGHT, CLARITY, and RESOLVE to some of your most Life-Challenging situations and can provide you with a FRESH Perspective and Ultimately…PEACE!!

A Tarot Reading is an excellent way to reveal thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we may not always be consciously aware of.

WE have three main areas of our mind; the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and our Superconscious Mind.

The  Conscious Mind

This is the first part of the mind, It governs our
current state of mind; our awareness, our physical actions, the way we walk and talk, our processing, our logic and reasoning, language, interactions, etc.

When we grab a cup of coffee and drink it, that is an action of our Conscious Mind.

 The Subconscious Mind

The second part of our mind is the Subconscious Mind or as some may refer to it, the Unconscious Mind.

This is an invisible part of your brain, made famous by Dr. Carl Jung, which is very similar to a giant holding tank: it contains an infinite amount of information.

The Subconscious Mind holds every single thought of every single thing that ever was and ever will be from the beginning of time until the end of time, from the Alpha to the Omega.

This is where our Intuition, imagination, dreams, feelings, emotions,experiences, memories, and Psychic Ability lives, however we don’t always have automatic recall to the information the Subconscious possesses.  

When we have difficult experiences that are too painful for the Conscious mind, they shift into the Subconscious. Because of it’s massive size and massive amount of information, some of our experiences, dreams, etc can become lost.

The Symbolism of the Tarot has a unique way of signaling that information in the Subconscious Mind and bringing it forward to the Conscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is Like an Iceberg

You normally just see or experience the very tip of it…and there is a WHOLE lot more below the surface.

Heartbreak, trauma, abuse, addictions, abandonment, issues from our Past Lives EXIST in the Subconscious Mind and can silently wreak havoc in many areas of our current life.

I do most of my work with the Tarot, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Spirituality within the Subconscious portion of the Mind. The Symbolism of the Tarot has a unique way of signaling that information in the Subconscious Mind and bringing it forward to the Conscious Mind.

The Tarot, through its rich symbolism, color, and images can activate information within the Subconscious and bring it forward to the Conscious mind for realization and actualization.

It’s through there that I can help the client to realize and release many of those blocking and obstructing thoughts and experiences.

The SuperConscious Mind

The third part of the mind is the Superconscious Mind, sometimes referred to as the “Collective Consciousness” or the “Christ-Consciousness.” This is the area where all of our Life records or “Akashic Records” exist.

The images and symbolism of the Tarot can help us connect to our Akashic Records and help us to understand the life path we’ve created for ourselves and how the experiences we’ve had are actually important lessons we originally planned to learn.

Akashic Record work is powerful because we can release the negativity and pain associated with many of our life happnings and allow us to move forward with a new understanding of those situations.

The Superconscious Mind also represents the interconnectedness of human beings and together our interconnection to God/Universe/Spirit. This is how two people on opposite sides of the Earth can come up with the exact same idea at the exact same time without ever meeting each other or seeing each other.  

We’re all a part of a “Universal Collective Consciousness”.

Client’s Can Feel Confused

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is, “I have no idea what’s wrong with me, why I act this way, or why I feel this way!”

The Tarot works in the Subconscious, much the same way Hypnotherapy can, and can highlight those themes in the SuperConscious and the Subconscious and bring them to the surface of our Conscious Mind to be RECOGNIZED and RESOLVED once and for all.

A TAROT Reading with all of its imagery, colors, and numbers is excellent at helping us to uncover blocks and obstacles to or personal growth that may not otherwise be available!

Examples of Difficult Themes In Our Lives:
*The Way We Feel About Ourselves
*The Unhealthy and Unavailable Partners We Tend to Choose
*The Ways We Manage Money
*Our Negative Self-Talk
*Our Battle with Weight and Food
*Unsatisfying Sex Lives
*The Inability to Organize Our Thoughts, Our Home, or Our Businesses
*Our Life Will Never Get Better..

And truly, the list goes on and on!

Until we identify those key internal themes trapped in our Subconscious, we’ll continue to experience those problems over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

The Tarot Helped Me Figure My Life Out

The Tarot was what finally gave me the help I needed to get to the heart of my alcoholism, why I chose rotten partner after rotten partner, and why I had absolutely NO self-respect!

The Tarot helped me to understand how I manifested my own miserable destiny over and over again YET it also gave me the keys to stop making those choices!

The Tarot Can Also Highlight the Good

Now, on the other hand and on a much more positiven, the Tarot can highlight all of the GOOD THINGS we have going on in our life, not just the unfortunate incidents! It can reveal how far we’ve actually grown, what we’ve conquered, what we’ve overcome, and where we’re headed next.

Seeing our life from a fresh PERSPECTIVE can be that necessary “confidence boost” that will help us to shift our awareness and move us forward.

A Tarot Reading Can Help You:
Discover your Spiritual Gifts and Talents
Realize your Passion/Connect to your Soul Purpose
*Resolve Past Life Issues
*Discover Strengths and Weaknesses
Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
Re-frame Negative Thought Patterns
Regain Self-Control and Life-Direction
Learn to Intuitively Guide Yourself 
*Discover Negative Energies Attached to You
Move Forward from a Problem or a Situation
Understand Financial Blocks and Obstacles
Discover Best Possible Career Paths or Business/Entrepreneur Ideas
Reveal the VERY BEST Opportunities in Life, Relationships, and Business
*Connect to Loved-Ones through our Medium Skills

And again, much, much more…we really can’t measure the complexity of the Tarot and it’s extraordinary gifts..

My Tarot Reading Experience and Education

I believe EDUCATION and Harm-Reduction are the TWO most important factors necessary to delivering a high-quality Tarot Reading. Sadly, today there are many people who simply watch a YouTube Video or hang-out on a couple of Periscope’s and they think they’re a Professional Tarot Reader.

Tarot Readings have transformed into real Spiritual Goodness!  I’ve learned to incorporate additional Holistic and Metaphysical concepts into my Tarot Readings like Coaching, Spirituality, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis, Akashic Records, Past Lives, and also working with our Angels and our Guides.

We’re not just “lipping off” some random information from a card, we’re channeling Divine Messages. We have to be able to understand what that means and how to discern those messages for the highest good of the client and not just to satisfy our individual ego.

Not to mention, today’s client is MUCH more educated about the Tarot and many can actually understand some of the meanings of the cards…they’re not easy to fool or confuse.

We have to be very careful in our INTENT and Delivery of a reading as to not cause the client further damage by either pretending to be something we’re not, delivering misleading information, or relaying messages in a way that is unethical and unprofessional.

I have an Associate Degree as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

My concentration is in Mind, Body, Psychology and my specialties are Intuitive Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Studies, and Spiritual Business.

I received my degree from an accredited college, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, located in Tempe, Arizona.

I refer to myself as a “Modern Mystic” Tarot Professional. I’ve crafted a Modern and Metaphysical blend of all my skills along with my Intuitive abilities to deliver a unique, transformative, and deeply spiritual Tarot Reading Experience!

List of Skills and Services I May Use for Your Reading:
Please note:
EACH Tarot Reading is Unique. What I use for one reading may not necessarily be appropriate for your reading.
Intuitive Tarot Reading
Psychic Medium Connection
Crystal Intuition
Medical Intuition
Chakra Cleansing and Clearing
Life and Spiritual Coaching
Mentoring / Guidance
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Past Life Regression
Soul-Mate / Twin-Flame
Pendulum Confirmation
Guided Imagery
Spirit Release
Soul Rescue

Sessions and Prices

1. One 30 Minute Tarot Reading Session: $47.00 USD
Three 30 Minute Reading Sessions: $121.00 (Save $20.00)

2. One 45 Minute Tarot Reading Session: $87.00 USD
Three 45 Minute Tarot Reading Sessions $211.00 (Save $50.00)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

3. One 60 Minute Tarot Reading Session: $127.00 USD
Three 60 Minute Tarot Reading Sessions $300.00 (Save $

4. NEW! “Past Life” Tarot Reading COMING SOON!

5. NEW! “Akashic Records” Reading COMING SOON!

Brand-New Tarot Reading Specials are Now Ready to Purchase!

One 30 Minute Tarot Reading @ $40.00 (Reg. $47.00)

This 3-Card 30 Minute Tarot Reading is an excellent choice for those who are looking for quick answers or fast direction to their situation. This is also an excellent reading for those who are brand-new to the Tarot. (Additional cards may be drawn at no extra cost)

One 45 Minute Tarot Reading @ $60.00 (Reg. $87.00)

This 6-10 Card 45 Minute Tarot Reading is excellent for those who would like to go a little bit deeper and have one to two questions or areas of life they’d like to focus on. (*Additional cards may be drawn at no extra cost.)

One Hour Tarot Reading @ $80.00 (Reg. $127.00)

This CUSTOM 10-12 Card One Hour Tarot Reading is an advanced reading that really get’s to the HEART of your concerns. We can explore several different areas of your life such as relationships, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc. We can observe the roles you play, the roles our partner or friends play, what you ultimately want, and what’s the best route to get you there. We can also take a look at the current energies surrounding you and how they’ve affected you. Mentoring and action plan included. (*Additional cards may be drawn at no additional cost.)


“Tarot Business-Basics” Tarot Reading Special @ $80.00 (Reg. $127.00)

This CUSTOM designed 10-12 CARD Tarot Reading is designed to answer two to three of your most burning Tarot-Business questions! Is this the BEST time to start your business, should you teach a course or write a book, are you focusing your time and efforts into the right projects right now? There can be SO many questions for all the phases of your Tarot Business…You’ll walk away from this reading feeling empowered, confident, and READY to take on the world with answers and an action plan that you’ll receive from this Tarot Reading! (Additional cards may be drawn at no additional cost.)

How to Book and Receive Your Tarot Reading

Please read carefully to thoroughly understand how you will receive your Tarot Reading including how to pay, what to expect during your reading, and how you can best prepare.


Skype or Cell Phone. I do ALL of my readings through Skype or by Cell Phone. SKYPE Video Chat is FREE and works best on your DESK-Top or LAP-TOP COMPUTER ONLY. We don’t do Skype Sessions with Cell Phones, iPads, or Tablets.

Contact Form. Fill out the Contact Form Below entirely. Please be sure to include your availability; days of the week, morning or evening, weekends etc. I’m sorry, but I don’t offer same day readings, especially for new clients. 

Purchasing. Within 24-48 hours of me receiving your Contact Form, I’ll send you a link to the “Tarot Reading Purchase Page.” Once on the page, simply click the PayPal Link for the agreed upon Tarot Reading and make your payment. You don’t need a PayPal account to use PayPal.

Confirmation. Once I receive confirmation of your payment I’ll schedule your session at our agreed upon time and email you confirmation of your appointment. (This is truly a very simple process and takes only a moment)

Appointment Day

Setting Up Skype. If you don’t have Skype or have never actually used it, I suggest you have it set up well ahead of time and have had the opportunity to see how it works. You don’t want to wait and then have it eat into your reading time.  Make sure you’ve also sent me your Skype name.

Sign In On Time. Be sure to be SIGNED and ready for your reading 5 MINUTES before the actual time.

Who Contacts Who? I’ll contact YOU at the designated time. I begin and end all readings on time!

When Does the Clock Begin? The reading time BEGINS when we make contact!  I like to chit-chat as much as the next person but during a reading is not the time. In order to honor your time and your reading we have to work together to stay on point:)

How Can I Stay On Track? Please be sure to have a clock nearby, it’s very important that you can see our time together and I begin to wind down about 10 minutes before the end to allow for any questions you may have.

Questions to Ask the Tarot

What to Ask the Tarot. At the start of the appointment, I’ll ask you again about what it is you would like to know. Many clients have changed their mind since the initial time of contact, or we have to work together to craft powerful questions for the Tarot. Please be sure to have your questions and concerns ready!

What Not to Ask the Tarot. Tarot Readings, Psychics, and Mediums are never 100% accurate,regardless of what you may have heard or what you’ve been told. There are days we’re dead-on-the-nuts and days we’re a little less. I consistently strive to bring you the most accurate and on-point readings.

However, because we can’t be consistently accurate, I have to refrain from answering the following questions:
* Anything Regarding Infidelity and Cheating
* Winning Lottery Numbers/Gambling
Diagnosis of an ILLNESS
The Future/Predictions/Time
* Anything Regarding Death
Inquiries About Other People
Questions About Legal Matters

Cleansing and Protection Prayer

Your Higher Power. After we’re sure of the questions you want to know, I’ll ask you questions about your Religious or Spiritual Path and how you recognize your Higher Power.

Call In your Spiritual Team. I’ll ask Spirit, our Spirit-Guides and Angels, Ancestors, and any other Spirits working in 100% Love and Light to assist me in bringing YOU the very best messages based on your questions for your Highest Good.

Prayer/Blessing. I’ll say a PRAYER and a Blessing of Protection just before we begin and the entire process takes about 1.5 minutes.

The Reading

I’ll shuffle the cards and begin the actual Tarot reading. I’ll initially show you each card as they’re drawn and then I’ll go into detail about each card as we go through the reading. At this time I encourage you to take notes and/or record the session.

Coaching/Mentoring/Q and A
Based upon your reading and what is uncovered we’ll utilize additional tools such as Coaching, Mentoring, or a Q and A session. We’ll also be sure to create an “Accountability Plan” to meet your goals.

I’ll assign specific exercises, homework, research, and other “prescriptive care” at the end of the reading based on your personal needs to resolve or improve your situation. (If applicable)

Final Blessing/Clearing
I’ll begin to wrap up the reading and deliver my final thoughts about 5 minutes before the actual reading ends. You’ll have about 5 minutes for Q and A time. I’ll also do a Final Blessing, Energy Clearing, or a “Releasement” at this time.

PLEASE realize readings can GO VERY FAST! They’re often over before you know it! If you have ADDITIONAL questions, they will have to be posed at the NEXT Tarot Reading.

Follow-Up Care
I have an “open door” policy with all of our clients. If you or I should have a discovery about your reading after the reading, or if you have additional questions, realizations, regarding that particular READING please feel free to contact me and share your information or I’ll contact you.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

I take my business and my client’s time very seriously. When we schedule your appointment, you’re securing a specific amount of time that is reserved just for you.

If you need to CHANGE or CANCEL your Tarot Reading, please contact me with-in 24 hours and I’ll happily reschedule for the next available time.

If you’re LATE for your APPOINTMENT it will have to be SHORTENED to allow for the client after you to receive their full allotted time. NO exceptions, please.

If you’re more than 15 minutes late you will forfeit the reading and will lose your investment. I really don’t like to do that…and it makes me sad so please be on time or contact me to let me know what’s happening. 

When a client fails to show for an appointment it robs me of the opportunity to fill that space and it robs another potential client from receiving the benefit of my services. With proper notice I can easily reschedule another client; it’s a WIN/WIN/WIN for all of us!

THANK YOU very much for your cooperation and I appreciate you!

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

By purchasing a Tarot Reading or any other service from SUPERNATURAL TAROT, you’re agreeing to the TERMS listed throughout this page and on the links below. Please take a moment to read through everything. 

Links to our Privacy Policy and Additional Terms of Use are listed below. When you purchase a Tarot Reading you are agreeing to those terms.



New Client Contact Form

After you’ve read through the ENTIRE page and thoroughly understand how it is I do a Tarot Reading Session, and you AGREE with the way in which I do business, you are now ready to fill out the “New Client Contact Form”. Don’t worry, you only have to go through this the very first time you schedule a reading. Afterward, simply email me when you’re ready for a reading!

I’m a very professional person and I take “client services” very seriously because I value YOU and I honor your experience. The initial set up for your very first reading with me ensures you have an amazing experience and that you feel cared for, safe, and that you’ve made a good investment in yourself.

GIFT CERTIFICATES! Please Note: If you are a GIFT CERTIFICATE Recipient please do not fill out this form until you are ready to actually schedule the reading. Having said that, please keep in mind, I’m normally booked out a few weeks in advance so at about 2 weeks before your desired appointment time go ahead and start the process.

New Client Contact Form

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Wrap Up!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read our Tarot Reading Booking Protocol. I know it’s a little bit of info to read through AND when you have an online business we have to be very open and diligent in our presentation to be sure YOU know what to expect and can make the best possible decisions.

If you have ANY additional questions please contact Support:

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

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  1. Sruti Vadgama
    August 19, 2016 at 9:46 am (1 year ago)

    Hi Kristen, it’s so generous of you to give me a free reading. I’m looking forward to it to give me more direction in my life. Thank you.

    • Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson
      August 19, 2016 at 11:11 am (1 year ago)

      Hi Niara!

      You’re so WELCOME and it’s certainly my pleasure! Anytime!


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