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Does the Universe Test Us Or Do We Test Ourselves?

Does the Universe Test Us Or Do We Test Ourselves: 6 Different Ways to Discern the Voice of Spirit from Our Own

I’d like to share with you a part of a sermon I wrote a few months back but it’s been calling me lately so I thought maybe someone needed to hear this message today. Maybe that person is you…

Let me ask you a question…Ever set out to do something amazing with your life and suddenly absolutely everything in that area of your life goes to straight to hell?


How to Bond with Your Tarot Deck

Tarot Tip & Tricks

How to Bond with Your Tarot Cards
+ Take time everyday to practice & study
+ Sleep with your Tarot Cards under your pillow
+ Take your Tarot Deck with you everywhere you do
+ Get a journal and write a story, a poem, a song, or a life memory for each individual Tarot Card



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In case you didn’t know, I created an amazing Tarot MemberShip Program that just launched this year!

I wanted to create a SPECIAL PLACE for WOMEN who’ve always wanted to learn the Tarot, charge GOOD money for their services and build their very own Tarot Business. 

Our MemberShip consists of a Library that houses 15 different topics of information to help you build a very well-rounded and well versed business.


The “Good & Bad Cards” of the Tarot?

The “Good & Bad” Cards of the Tarot?

Being a Professional and Intuitive Tarot Reader Mentor and Educator this is a subject I’m super passionate about!

My goal is to spread awareness of how this confusion is really doing a disservice to the Intuitive Tarot Community as a whole.

First of all, reading “Intuitively” means engaging your Mind, Body, and Spirit to discern the information and messages from your cards during a Tarot Reading.


6 Kinds of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

6 Types of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

Many people come to us for a Tarot Reading because there’s something specific that they want to know about, right now.

Clients can be in a vulnerable state; maybe they’ve lost sleep, they don’t want to talk to their friends about it, they don’t want to get a professional opinion for it, they’ve agonized about it long enough, and they want the Tarot to tell them what it is they need to know.


Benefits of Purchasing a Tarot Course Vs. Being Self-Taught

high priestessBenefits of Purchasing a Tarot Course Vs. Being Self-Taught

Are you in the fence wondering if YOU should sign up for the Tarot 101 Course? Have your friends and family cheered you on or tried to discourage you? Have you tried to discourage yourself?

If you have, I hear you!

There have been MANY, many times where I passed on a professional course because I believed wholeheartedly I could teach myself what was being offered in that class. I believed I didn’t need the class or that I couldn’t afford the class.

I seriously believed I could and would make the time necessary to research everything I needed. In fact, I would fantasize in my head about how much fun it would be, perhaps it’d be like taking a mini journey, and that I could totally make it happen.


10 Ways to Make Sense of the Holidays when Things Just Don’t Go As Planned!

stressed out thanksgiving10 Ways to Make Sense of the Holidays when Things Just Don’t Go As Planned!

Good afternoon and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Have you ever planned to have an amazing holiday experience and have it completely fall apart?  Maybe not in a huge way but just enough to throw everything off to cause you to feel like you failed?