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5 Steps to Understanding and Activating Your Intuition and Psychic Senses

5 Steps to Understanding and Activating your Intuition and Psychic Sense

Everyone at some time in their life has had, or will have, a moment where they instinctively know something is going to happen, they can’t put their finger on how they know, but it is a strong signal.

Do you every know when the phone is going to ring, or ever think of someone and automatically they show up?


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How to Store Your Tarot Cards

Tarot Tips & Tricks

How to Store Your Tarot Cards

+ Always revere your Tarot Cards as being “Special”
+ At the end of the day take a few minutes to organize your cards and put them in an upright position
+ Wrap your Tarot Deck in a special scarf, a Tarot Bag, or something else to keep them safe, clean, and free from bent corners


What Exactly Is the Tarot?

What Exactly IS the Tarot?

To get us started and to really set the stage for what the Tarot is…I’d like to share a quote:

“The Tarot is a practice that is rich in history and cultural knowledge. It is a science of the mind. Through its development, Tarot cards have absorbed the wisdom, the narratives, the philosophies, the cultural anthropologies, and the moral lessons of many societies, many religions, and many schools of thoughts.” Benebell Wen Author of “The Holistic Tarot”.


How to Bond with Your Tarot Deck

Tarot Tip & Tricks

How to Bond with Your Tarot Cards
+ Take time everyday to practice & study
+ Sleep with your Tarot Cards under your pillow
+ Take your Tarot Deck with you everywhere you do
+ Get a journal and write a story, a poem, a song, or a life memory for each individual Tarot Card


How to Clear and Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

Tarot Tips & Tricks

How to “Clear and Cleanse” Your Tarot Deck?”

+ You can use Sage or Smudge and “smoke” one card at a time or the entire deck at once. I like to do each card once in a while, like every 6 months or so, in a ritualistic fashion.
+ You can place your cards out in the light of a Full Moon to absorb all of that energetic goodness. For the safety of your deck you can put them on a window sill or close to a window.


Spiritual Sunday: Finding Joy In the Journey

Spiritual Sunday!

Today is about “Finding Joy”! So many of us feel as if we’re in such a struggle to “find” JOY.

I’ve searched all around the world for most of my life for something that would make me happy; men, alcohol, sex, money, success, other dark things…and each person and thing that I found broke my heart deeper than what it originally was.


NEW eBook: 5 Simple Steps to Develop Your Intuition & Increase Your Self-Confidence!

5 Simple Steps to Developing Your Intuition & Increasing Your Self-Confidence

Good Morning and Happy Monday-Time to get crack-a-lackin’ and booty-smackin’!

Monday is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start your week on a fresh note…

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5 Steps to Losing the Fear when Stepping Out of the Tarot Closet!

Do You Fear Telling People You Read the Tarot?

Seriously? Do you fear telling people that you read the Tarot?

If someone asks you what you do, like your doctor, your child’s teacher, or maybe your partner’s mother do you quickly search your mind for something else to say?


How the Tarot Can Help Solve Your Biggest Relationship Problems!

How the Tarot can Help Solve Your BIGGEST Relationship Problems!

Are you in a healthy relationship right now? Or, are you on divorce number two thinking Holy-CRAP this can’t be happening to me again!

I spent three years as a Relationship Recovery Coach and I used the Tarot regularly for myself and with my clients with amazing results!

Through the Tarot and my education to become a Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Minister is how I finally addressed my BIGGEST issues and changed my life!


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