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8 Things To Consider When Naming Your Tarot Business

8 Things to Consider When Naming your Tarot Business

Have you thought about a business name yet? Have you been kickin’ around any ideas?

Does the thought of naming your business freak you out? Or is this something you decided on years and years ago?


The “Good & Bad Cards” of the Tarot?

The “Good & Bad” Cards of the Tarot?

Being a Professional and Intuitive Tarot Reader Mentor and Educator this is a subject I’m super passionate about!

My goal is to spread awareness of how this confusion is really doing a disservice to the Intuitive Tarot Community as a whole.

First of all, reading “Intuitively” means engaging your Mind, Body, and Spirit to discern the information and messages from your cards during a Tarot Reading.


6 Kinds of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

6 Types of Questions to Avoid During a Tarot Reading

Many people come to us for a Tarot Reading because there’s something specific that they want to know about, right now.

Clients can be in a vulnerable state; maybe they’ve lost sleep, they don’t want to talk to their friends about it, they don’t want to get a professional opinion for it, they’ve agonized about it long enough, and they want the Tarot to tell them what it is they need to know.


9 Things You Must Know and Have for your Tarot Website!

9 Things You Must Have and Know for Your Tarot Website!

In order to build a successful Tarot business you need a highly functioning money-making-machine called a Website.

Long gone is the day of handing out a business card with your name and number on it or putting an ad in the paper to get the clients rolling in.


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017, We’ve Been Waiting!

Yes, I may be a week or so late from the traditional “New Year’s Day”,  but better late than never is what I always say…

Like many people this past New Year’s Eve we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a New Year! Not because 2016 was an especially bad year for is, it really wasn’t. We were especially blessed not to have many problems, minimal illnesses, our family members survived one more year, we actually got a NEW apartment with NEW furniture in July so, over all our year wasn’t terrible.


How to Double Down and Cash In Before 2017!

Making the Most Our of the Final Moments of 2017!

Wow! Here we are in December already! It even snuck up on me, the year has just flown by..However, we still have some pretty powerful weeks left in the year!

As Tarot Business Owners, or any type of business owner for that fact, it can be REAL easy to check-out when life gets hectic and not do our “jobs!”


10 Tips to Survive the Holidays

10 Tips to Survive the Holidays

Good Afternoon! Happy Turkey! 
WE would like to take a moment and PROFOUNDLY express our “Sincere Gratitude” to each and every one of you today!!

SuperNatural Tarot is growing in leaps and bounds and Leif and I are SO blessed for having such amazing Clients, Students, MemberShip Participants, Followers, and of course our dear FRIENDS!


Tarot Readers Are Being Called In a HUGE Way!

Now More than Ever, People NEED Direction!

The 2016 Election is OVER!

For those of you inside the United States you’re either celebrating gloriously or you feel like crawling in a hole and dying……It was a HUGE election; closest I’ve ever seen..and there are many, many opinions going on right now.


Are You In the Right Place for Success??

 Are You In the RIGHT Place for Success?

We all know the disappointment of a well-intended Tarot special, class, course, video, blog post, or newsletter and how quickly other things can come in and take that precious time away from our goals, our dreams, and our life…

It may feel like something or someone is causing us to slip up, make mistakes, feel stressed out, feel overwhelmed and ultimately..give up!


Connect to Your “Inner Witch” Tarot Reading

Connect to Your “Inner Witch” Tarot Reading

We offer a Tarot Reading reading unlike any other Professional Tarot Reader or Psychic Medium. I believe care and compassion are the very first ingredient in any quality reading and I have extensive training in the Tarot, Coaching, Hypnosis, Meditation including a college degree in Holistic Health care.

I bring together all of my abilities to create a complete Tarot Reading Experience.

From now on, we’re simply offering a “Tarot Reading.” This will include a pre-appointment consultation, cleansing and protection prayer,  the reading itself, assignments, coaching, and follow-up care.

We have a VERY SPECIAL Introductory Price of only $50.00!!

The Tarot Reading will be based on the individual client and their particular needs vs. what they receive based on price or time. I’m not putting any time elements or ability restraints to it because I can’t dictate how long Spirit wants to talk or how much They want to share.

As we grow in business, with our classes, and our Brand-New Tarot MemberShip Site, it just makes better sense to offer a Tarot Reading and incorporate the skills necessary for each individual client. From now in this is the only style of reading we’ll be offering.

Below is a list of our skills and abilities that we draw from for each reading. Please note: Not all of our abilities are used in a Tarot Reading; only those we’re Intuitively guided to for your Highest Good.
Intuitive Tarot Reading
Psychic Medium Connections
Crystal Intuition
*Medical Intuition
Life and Spiritual Coaching
Mentoring, Guidance
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Akashic Records
Past Life Reading
Soul-Mate, Twin-Flame
Guided Imagery
Spirit Release
Soul Rescue

During October, the Veil between the worlds is thinning and EVERYONE wants a Reading! Be SURE to take advantage of the October Special and Book Your Reading NOW at only $50.00!

For additional details about our Tarot Reading Philosophy, Procedure, Cancellation and No-Show Policy, including HOW to Schedule and Receive your reading, please visit: http://supernatural-tarot.com/octoberspecial

Thank you Very Much and I’ll see you SOON! If you have any question, you may email me at the email address located on the “Contact” Page.

Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

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