Our Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Commitment to Our Clients:

  1. We will serve the best interests of our clients at all times and provide the highest quality service possible.
  2. We will maintain clear and honest communications with our clients.
  3. We will maintain the confidentiality of health-related or personal information clients share with us, and demonstrate compassion and respect at all times.

Commitment to Do No Harm:

  1. We will not work outside our scope of practice, as defined by state and federal laws and regulations.
  2. We will only provide services for which we are thoroughly trained, and will represent our education, training, and qualifications, and abilities honestly.
  3. We’ll refer the client to another provider if the client requires help beyond our own abilities, scope of practice and training.
  4. We will always choose therapies suited for the client and not enlist or subject client to any unnecessary treatments and /or sessions that will not provide a benefit.
  5. We will terminate the relationship with the client when the benefit from continued service has been reached and shall not provide service if we don’t have good faith that the client will benefit from the service provided.

Commitment to Our Profession:

  1. We will project a professional image in our behavior, personal appearance, and work environment.
  2. We will maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in our interactions with clients, business associates, health-care professionals, and the general public.
  3. We will not use alcohol or mind altering drugs before or during professional sessions.
  4. We will actively participate in education the public on the benefits of Spiritual Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship and Life Coaching, Tarot Reading, Education, Hypnosis, and similar modalities.
  5. We will advocate for our profession when our voice is needed for protection and improvement of our scope of practice.

Commitment to Good Business Practice:

  1. We will promote our services ethically and in good taste, and we will not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of the services we provide.
  2. We will conduct our business honestly and in compliance with the law, in regard to financial matters, record keeping, and all other aspects of business.
  3. We will refrain from entering upon, participating in, or otherwise involving ourselves with a client in any type or relationship format including friendship and dating.
  4. We will continue to strive for excellence and education in our personal and professional life

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