Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Spirit Release

Hypnotherapy is a specialized modality that brings you into a deep state of relaxation or what you may consider, an altered state of consciousness.

This allows the Hypnotherapist to explore the subconscious and ask the client questions in regards to problems they are experiencing in order to discover where those issues originated.

I utilize a combination of Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Spirit Release, and if necessary Soul Rescue to help individuals clear their path to becoming successful in their Tarot business.

I also use these services to teach students how to ground and center before working with the cards and clients and to also make them aware that when you work with Spirit, that sometimes negative or dark spirits can come through as well.

The biggest benefit of working with me is that I’m specially trained for a wide-range of Tarot, Business, Spiritual Development, and Spiritual Protection Services. 

Hypnotherapy may be used to help a client change a thought pattern, belief, or a habit. It can also by helpful by getting to the root of finding your spiritual and life purpose and also to help you figure out why you haven’t reached the level of success that you’d like to.

I Can Address Many Issues Directly Related to Your Tarot/Spiritual Business Success:
Building a Spiritual Connection
*Connecting to our Intuition and Psychic Gifts
*Increasing Confidence with Reading the Tarot
*Gaining Self Esteem/Confidence
*Developing a Positive Self-Image
*Releasing Money Blocks
*Releasing Fear of Success
*Reframing Negative Thought Patterns
*Past Life Regression
*Spirit Release
*Soul Rescue

Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Feel Like to Be Hypnotized?
Everyone experiences Hypnosis differently. Some people may feel like a light tingly sensation or a calm fluttery feeling, and others feel as if they’re in a deep sleep. Many clients say they’re so deeply relaxed they don’t want to get out of the chair afterward while others say they’re completely re-energized. Most of my clients feel comfortably relaxed and with much less stress and anxiety surrounding them.

What Happens During the Session?
Prior to any Hypnotherapy-type session, I offer a “Complimentary 30 Minute Exploratory Session” to see if Hypnosis will benefit you. Afterward, you’ll be explained how hypnosis works, what it is and isn’t, and talk you through a little example of how it feels so you have an idea.

In Person: When the session begins you’ll be asked to get comfortable in the chair, the lights will be turned down to your comfort level, and soft music will be played. It’s like being told a story and you are the main character. You will be taken through a progressive relaxation exercise and once you are sufficiently relaxed you will hear the counting down into a deeper state of relaxation.

Over Skype: The same actions will take place, you’ll just be in YOUR home, and I’ll instruct you in how to simply prepare.

Once you are relaxed, breathing nicely, and feeling in a place of safety, this place of the Hypnosis session that your issues are addressed. You’ll be asked a series of questions to help you discover your answers. We’ll have kind of like a “light conversation.”

As that part draws to a close you will be counted back up again, asked to open your eyes slowly, we’ll take a few deep breaths, and that’s it! Afterward, I make sure you’re alert and ready to go. We close the session and if necessary book another session. You will be fully aware of everything going on.

Some people say they fall asleep but they just go deeper in trance than others. You may not remember everything right away but it will all come back to you, some need a few hours to process their thoughts. Each session is different for everyone.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Session

One 60 Minute Hypnotherapy Session



Package of Four Hypnotherapy Sessions



(You Receive a $108.00 DISCOUNT when Purchased In Package of Four)

*Bonus: Second Package of Four Hypnotherapy Sessions



(You receive a $158.00 DISCOUNT when Purchasing a SECOND Set of Four Sessions!)

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression (PLR) means journeying back in time through a light hypnotic trance and visiting previous times that your Soul may have lived. It is believed that we’re one Soul, created in God/Universe/Spirit one time, and are on a journey of learning and improving ourselves in order to finally be at our highest Spiritual potential.

Some professionals believe we’re actually raised up through a higher consciousness each time we are reborn. Reincarnation means being re-born into another body, as possibly a different person. We are reincarnated until we reach each lesson we set out to seek upon the original birth.

There are as many theories of PLR as there are documented experiences. One such theory is that upon being born, as a soul we meet with our Higher Power, angels, and our spirit guides to discuss the life path we’re about to take.

We have a Soul Contract or an Akashic record with the detailed descriptions of things we want to experience; challenges to face, obstacles to overcome, love, loss, sickness, and all the drama and trauma we think will help us learn valuable life lessons resulting in our final resting place in Heaven.

It is also said that we travel in pods, so to speak, that all of our family and closest friends will reincarnate with us each time. That is called Soul-Connections or Soul Groups. These prominent Soul Connections reincarnate as different members of our family and closest friends and that is how we get our Soul-Mate! It is supposedly our one true love in all of our lifetimes, and sometimes we have two or three….

When we’re not living life up to our Soul Contract we begin to have problems in all areas of our lives. Our life becomes out of balance, and we begin to feel like something isn’t right although we may not know what it is. Ever feel like you really need to be doing something else for work?

Have you ever had the experience when you are trying to do something and a hundred things go wrong or there are SO many stumbling blocks in the way often to the point of being ridiculous?

When we’re off of our path we may begin doing things we normally wouldn’t as a way to feel better. We get side tracked, off balance, become ill, angry, get addicted, and become disillusioned with life.

Other times when life may go as smooth as silk that is usually a clue we are on the right path in whatever it is we are doing at the moment. Good things don’t come easy, that is true, but if it is really making your life miserable that may be a signal to make some changes.

Other theories include the belief that we have Soul Memories, that we carry from one life to the next. What we did not have a chance to resolve in the past life will be carried through to the next life, subsequently inhibiting the current lifetime: Karmic Debt and Karmic Ties.

Karmic Debt is best described as something you accrue more than something that is done to you. When you live your life in dishonest ways, there are prices to pay. Karmic Ties are those Souls that you go through lifetimes with over and over again and they can be problematic connections because they are related to a negative circumstance.

Through PLR we can go in and release the Karmic Debt and literally cut the cord to the Karmic Ties you have releasing you from negative and unfortunate patterns of the past. We can also go back and find out where a negative thought pattern originated. Or an event that you have carried through several lifetimes that may be still showing up today blocking you from reaching your highest good.

That is what we call the OSE or Original Sensitizing Event. By going back in light trance we can see where we began this pattern, what happened to create it, and how do we resolve it.

Often afterward it speeds forward and releases the client from those events, thoughts, or people. it’s such an amazing science and so beneficial to me and the problems I had with addiction, alcoholism, being in abusive relationships, and more!

Then, suddenly life is so much better. It is truly an amazing process we and so many others have found incredible healing.People who seek out a PLR experience are often those looking for answers to problems they are having in their current life that they just can’t figure out.

Past Life Regression Helps With:
*Discovering Blocks from Reaching your Full Potential
*Discovery of Gifts and Talents
*Discovery of Passion and Life Purpose
*Relieving Shame and Guilt
*Abandonment Issues
*Recurring Chronic Illness or Pain
*Fears and Phobias
*Childhood Problems
*Relieving Trauma
*Cycles of Abuse

To Learn More About PLR:
Dr. Brian L. Weiss
*Edgar Cayce
*Michael Newton
*Dr. Raymond Moody
*Doreen Virtue
*Sylvia Browne
*Allison DuBois

Past Life Regression Session
I don’t conduct Past Life Regression sessions on a first time client. It is best to have a prior Hypnotherapy session to establish the foundation of what a trance and light trance state feels like. PLR can also happen spontaneously during a normal Hypnotherapy session and we just progress naturally.

One 60 Minute Past Life Regression



Package of Four 60 Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions



Spirit Release

Spirit Attachments are the Souls of people who have died that have not gone to the Light ( and sometimes dark and lesser energies) but instead join with a living person. They may be family members afraid to leave loved ones behind and want to look out for them. Some have a died a sudden death and want to comfort their family.

To be honest some spirits are very afraid to go to the Light for what they have been told by their religious beliefs.

They are afraid of eternal punishment. These people aren’t necessarily evil, they are afraid. Most of the time they go unnoticed and don’t cause any problems and most of us have some type of spirit attachment.

But sometimes something triggers the attachment and they begin causing the host problems and they have to go. That is Spirit Releasement. It is an actual procedure designed by Dr. William Baldwin that involves a much more humane and gentler way of getting Spirits to leave a body.

Spirits are encouraged to release themselves from the person to go to the light to fulfill their Soul Contract. These spirits are generally found during a routine hypnotherapy session quite accidentally.

Other times people will experience change almost suddenly or notice that something is definitely different about them.

Symptoms of Spirit Attachment Include:
Feeling Like You’re Not Alone
*Seeing Someone’s Face in Mirror
*Having the Urge to Do Things Out of Character
*Having the Dialogue: “I don’t know what has gotten into me today, I’m not myself today, or I don’t know what possessed me to do that!”
*Sudden Mood Swings, Impulsive Behavior
*Unexplained or Sudden Bursts of Anger, Sadness and Emotions
*Feeling Depleted of Energy
*Hearing Voices
*Sudden Problems with Addictive Behaviors: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Shopping, etc
*Unexplained Sudden Fears and Phobias
*The Feeling of Being Watched
*Sudden Depression
*Sudden Onset of Pain/No Known Cause
*Sudden Erratic, Confused, Behavior
*Feeling Dread
*Feeling Someone is Present You Can’t See

There are various medical and mental health problems that may signal the same symptoms of Spirit Attachment so a Dr. office visit is always recommended first. Hollywood has done a very good job of expounding the Possession stereotypical situation. Most cases are not that severe, however, there are dark spirits and it is not a game to engage them. Leif and I have both been specifically trained by a Spirit Release Specialist, Linda Bennett.

Spirit Release Sessions
There isn’t a particular “service” for Spirit Release. Spirits and Attachments can present themselves at various times including during a Tarot Reading, a Mentoring Session, Hypnotherapy Session, or a Past Life Regression. If a Spirit or Attachment appears, I go through the process of removal without an additional cost.

We don’t necessarily go looking for Spirits or Attachments in those particular services, if they’re present, they have a keen way of presenting themselves.

If you feel that you personally have a Spiritual Attachment, I have a particular Prayer Service that I offer. I can do In-Person or over Skype. You can contact me directly for further discussion:

Soul Rescue

Soul Rescue involves incarnate beings, spirits without a body that occupy buildings, homes, places, objects, and etc. They’re not attached to humans or animals in their current state, but certainly could if they wanted to.

Mostly, they are tied to that particular area because that is either where their death has occurred, they became trapped there, or they just like it. The answer is almost always different. There is a similar procedure to help those misguided Spirits go to the light as well.

Soul Rescue Sessions
Soul Rescue Sessions are performed on a case-by-case basis. I often work along-side Paranormal Investigators or visit the homes of individuals referred to us through clients and people we know. If they have a case of a Demonic or Spiritual Attachment in a home, building, or premises, Leif and I can facilitate a Soul-Rescue on-site and a Spirit-Release on any individual affected by the situation.

Cost of service is strictly determined on location and scope of situation.

Scheduling a Service

To schedule a service please go directly to the Contact Page and fill out the Contact Form with Hypnotherapy Services in the subject line!

If you are a Paranormal Investigator looking for a Psychic Medium Minister who can facilitate a Soul-Rescue on the property and a Spirit Release on the home occupants, team, etc. I’d be happy to discuss working together. Please contact me at:

If you suspect a haunting, a resident Spirit, or Dark Entity, in your home please contact me:


Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spirit Release, and Soul Rescue are fascinating holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical practices that truly help you in ways that traditional methods haven’t. We absolutely love doing sessions with clients and are always amazed at what is revealed to us through these practices!

Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you!!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson