“Love Notes”

“Love Notes”

Letters of Praise and Gratitude

I’m extremely GRATEFUL for each and every client, student, follower, contributor, collaborator, friend, and family member that has been an active participant with SUPERNATURAL TAROT!

I’ve lived my life, raised my children, nurtured my family, and have had MANY amazing opportunities that stem from the sincere KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, LOYALTY, SUPPORT of an incredible CLIENTELE that has spanned over 32 years!

One positive thing I’ve consistently had in my life is how ABSOLUTELY BLESSED I’ve been to work with such incredible people throughout my career! I sincerely LOVE and APPRECIATE everyone involved with my business. 

My clients have taught me incredible lessons about life, love, compassion, heartbreak, healing, survival. and how to have a deeper understanding of human nature.

Clients bring us so much more than a business; they bring their thoughts, ideas, and their dreams. They bring their spouses, children, parents, and best friends. They OPENLY share their illnesses, battles, victories, and their experiences. They entrust us with the MOST Intimate and PRIVATE aspects of their lives…I hear it all first.

And with every Tarot Reading, Tarot Class,  Mentor Session, and Hypnotherapy Session we go on a journey together to figure it all out. For better or worse…we go through the storm together..and we come home together. There is truly NO greater journey of self-discovery than the journey of partnership.

Clients are the lifeblood of our business. They teach us how to be vulnerable, raw, and fierce…it’s all outrageously perfect! 

How You Can Participate

Here are just a few “Love Notes” of appreciation from some of my very best clients. I’d really like to extend this page!  If YOU would like to share your experience of Working With Me…there are directions below about how to submit your “Love Note!”  I would be SO appreciative if you would kindly do that!!

Hi Kristen, 
I’m not an established client but I do join your scopes when I can.  I have never been able to get a reading because the list fills so quickly or the trolls are in an uproar but I still wanted to thank you.

I am a 52-year-old grandmother raising her 3 grandchildren because their mother is too self-centered to actually be a mother.  If I hadn’t stepped up the state would have taken them and I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.  I have been an emotional wreck this last couple of years between depression, resentment and just general bitchiness.  So one day I randomly got an invite from someone I follow on scope to join your readings and even though I have never been able to watch a full one because my connection won’t stay on I have still been inspired and healed by you.

The positive energy that flows from you has been like a balm on my spirit. I like your no b.s. attitude and the fact that you can go from teacher/healer to Rambo and back in 1.3 seconds.  Even when trolls start the negative flowing you both can bring the energy back and flowing with a laugh, joke, or silly song.

Since I have started logging into your scopes for a power boost I have made some major decisions that are still works in progress but baby steps none the less.  The first and most important is that I have consciously decided that I’m not going to stress anymore.  That’s a tough on for me but since deciding that I have noticed I feel happier.

Changes are so hard, partly because I have to let the grip of control go (and being a control freak that’s a tough one for me), and partly for fear of the unknown.  Sometimes the negative crap is easier to deal with because you know where that road leads. It terrifies me that I’m making a bad decision and I have always felt that putting myself first is selfish. But I have come to realize that unless I heal myself I can’t be what is needed for others. I have also decided not to sweat the stuff I can’t change like my finances or my living situation (I refuse to let the kids suffer and not know they are loved or wanted) and I will always be there for them I just have to work on letting go of the resentment I hold for their mother.

Not that I have let this short thank you become long I will again say thank you.
Debbie G, Periscope Follower 8-26-16

vikiYou both rock and I look forward to the upcoming Tarot class! I had the pleasure of having a relationship reading by  Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson LC CHt. It was spot on and brought me the awareness I needed to move forward. Thank you for sharing your gifts and assisting me on my path!  Vicki Kibideaux, Tempe AZ 

“Hello! I work in a warehouse and we are able to wear headphones, so I am a daily user of iHeart radio. At the beginning of the week, I did a search for recovery and addiction (self-help basically) and I happened to stumble across your program. I have to say the rest of the week, I went right back to your station every day. You guys are wonderful and I’ve been telling my friends and Co-workers about this. I’ve had many ah-ha moments already in relating to what I need to work on and change my way of thinking and getting outside of myself. I want to be happy again… I am striving to be a better person and being able to “show up” in my relationship. Thank you so much for the inspiration to be on the road to recovery in all aspects of my life! God Bless!
Amy M. Dubuque, Iowa

“Dear Leif and Kristen,
David Whelan and I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for all of your support and coaching! Our relationship is that much stronger after working with you guys for four sessions. We are communicating better and moving forward with confidence! The unique structure you offer, with individual coaching and couples coaching was exactly what we needed. We both benefited for hearing each of your perspectives at our couples sessions. And, it was wonderful to meet via Skype after our son went to bed. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you and look forward to scheduling future sessions. Wishing you continued success, doing what you are so obviously meant to do. Jennifer H. Tempe, AZ

“Kristen really knows how to ask questions that make you think outside the box. In our session, she helped me realize how the lack of sex in our marriage was unfulfilling to my husband. I wasn’t interested in being intimate with him. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex or that the sex was bad. I didn’t know what it was and it was affecting our marriage a lot. I found out my husband was watching pornography and it killed me! I wanted to die and I felt so cheated on. Kristen helped me see that by not talking to my husband about what was bothering me and just ignoring it and hoping it would go away caused him to feel entitled to find relief with pornography. The pornography was not OK, but it called attention to a bigger problem. I realized I had been harboring resentment for years towards him about something he said to me about my body. As a result, I felt self-conscious and couldn’t take my clothes off in front of him anymore. I felt too embarrassed to talk about it. After I discovered what it was that was bothering me Kristen helped me create a dialogue to speak to my husband. It was really hard to do it, but it was the best choice I ever made! I have forgiven him for the remark and the pornography and he has forgiven me for ignoring him. We have some more work to do but are definitely on the high road to success!! Thank you guys for being there and helping us through this crazy time! Hugs to you both! M. Craig, Phoenix, AZ

“Kristen has a natural ability to make you feel calm and safe. She is a wonderful Clinical Hypnotherapist. She truly cares about you and how to help you.” Tina K. Aura Valley, AZ

“Kristen listens without judgment. I was afraid to tell my story because the other professionals I saw made me feel bad for the way I felt about what had happened to me. They always wanted to talk about that happened and root around in it instead of moving past it. I didn’t know I could move past it until I had a session with Kristen. She explained that we don’t have to stay in the story. We can tell the story. learn from the story, think as if the story is a gift for our life’s lesson and possible purpose, and let the story go. You don’t have to be defined by what happened to you. You get defined by what you do with it afterward. I had a hard time talking to my husband about that and she helped me create a way to talk to my husband about it. He understood me much better and was able to listen without trying to rush in and save me. I’m grateful I invested in myself and our marriage with their sessions. Kristen has deep compassion for women who have been assaulted and beaten and have trouble being intimate with men. Beverly J. Balch Springs, Texas

Very professional! Kristen was great at uncovering more underlying things that my conscious mind didn’t want to know. She is very supportive and friendly in the process and helped me feel safe. Lori B. Phoenix, AZ

If YOU would like to see yourself in my “Love Note” please send me a little testimonial about your experience with me! Please be sure to sign, date, include a PICTURE, your first name and last initial, along with the city and state of residence to: kristen@supernatural-tarot.com

Moving forward I’m only posting “Love Notes” from those who include a picture…PEOPLE LOVE TO SEE YOUR PICTURES!

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Leif and Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson