Ministry Services

Ministry Services

I’m Ordained Interfaith Minister in the State of Arizona and have been OFFICIALLY ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

What Does Interfaith-Minister Mean?

An Interfaith Minister is someone who has studied at least Seven different major World Religions and Spiritual Traditions and has a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological culture of each.

Interfaith Ministers are non-denominational and are sometimes referred to as Chaplains, Celebrants, or Officiants that enjoy working within the different aspects of various belief systems. We’re able and to draw upon that vast knowledge to help guide and support others in their spiritual growth and practice.

What Do Ministers Do?

As a Minister, I provide spiritual care, comfort, counsel, guidance, support, and Spiritual or Religious rites.

Being a Minister allows me to work through my Spirituality in a beneficial way; I can perform spiritual services and sacraments such as baptisms, marriage, same-sex marriage, commitment ceremonies, and funerals.

I can also perform blessings, rituals, seasonal ceremonies, prayer services, etc. For as much as I love the Tarot and being a Mentor and a Teacher, I equally enjoy performing these services! It offers me an additional way to use my GIFT, Passion, and fulfill my Soul-Purpose.

How I Do Business

We begin with a  “Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session” to discuss all the DETAILS of the service you’re requesting and see if I’m a good fit for your occasion, ritual, ceremony, or situation.

My List of Ministerial Services
Weddings Ceremonies
*Re-Commitment Ceremonies
*Hand-Fasting Ceremonies
*Same-Sex Marriage
*Commitment Ceremonies
*Divorce / Hand-Parting / Relationship Resolving Ceremonies
*Baby Blessings / Baptisms / and Naming Ceremonies
*House Clearing / House Blessings
*Ceremonies / Rituals for Women / Teens /
*Recognizing the Sabbat’s / Wheel of the Year
*Funerals and Memorials
*Spirit Release and Soul Rescue
*Forgiveness and Gratitude Ceremonies
*Personalized and Custom Ideas Welcome!

I offer weddings, same-sex weddings, as well as commitment ceremonies. Leif will often accompany me during the service (if appropriate) so we’re here to fully support each of you on your special day and will work very hard to make your ceremony unique, beautiful, and memorable.

Recommitment Ceremony. One of my more popular services for couples who have been working on their marriage or relationship and wish to start over and have a brand new relationship. It’s a wonderful way to have a fresh start!

Hand-Fasting’s and Hand-Partings. These are Pagan wedding and divorce rituals. Practiced in the “old world” Hand-Fasting’s provide a commitment for a year-and-a-day. The bride and groom’s hands are tied together with colorful ribbons with particular colors to bless their union.

At the end of the year, they may choose to “Hand-Part” or renew their vows for one more year. Many couples opt to have a Hand-fasting as their actual wedding ceremony and forego the renewal every year. Hand-Partings are the “divorce or separation” aspect of the union.

Divorce and Relationship Resolving. These ceremonies are very popular and provide closure to a difficult and often heart-breaking part of your life. You can have a personal ceremony with just you, you and the departing partner, or you and a group of friends and family.

House Clearing and House Blessings. This is perfect for those moving into a new home, apartment, or place of business. This ceremony removes any prior energies and any negative energies and the area is blessed for the new occupants. It’s a nice way to begin a new stage of your life. You can also have a “House Clearing” if you have a pesky negative, dark energy hanging around that needs to go.

Women’s Ceremonies and Rituals. There are all kinds of ceremonies for women including a special birthday, self-love, self-esteem,  moving on from a bad relationship, meeting a particular goal, received a promotion, etc. You can create any kind of ceremony you’d like!

Recognizing the Sabbatt’s or the Wheel of the Year. These are “Earth Based” Ritual that is practiced 4 or 8 times per year that often coincides with other religious holidays. We also do Full Moon/Dark Moon and New Moon rituals.

Funerals and Memorials. Of course, theses are difficult times that require patience and understanding. Although I am not a Hospice professional I am trained in Hospice care where I can come in and offer Spiritual support and Spiritual guidance to the dying and to the family.

I also facilitate sessions for individuals and the dying to mend fences, foster forgiveness, and close old wounds. I do offer funeral services and memorial celebrations as well.

Spirit Release and Soul Rescue. All the detailed information is described in detail on my Hypnotherapy Page.

Forgiveness and Gratitude Ceremonies. This is are just a few of the personalized ceremonies we can do. A ceremony is really about taking the time and acknowledging a very special time in your life.

A Forgiveness Ceremony is a powerful healer of deep emotional and physical wounds that can release all of the bad feelings surrounding an event.

Gratitude Ceremonies act the same way; they give us an opportunity to create a special time in which we honor what we are grateful for. This style of ceremony can be adjusted for all kinds of different aspects of life.

Personalized and Custom Ceremonies.  I am open to PERFORMING custom ceremonies and you are more than welcome to design the ceremony of your dreams! I have a few ceremonies I use but you are more than welcome to create your own.

Please Note: As a Minister I don’t design your event, I simply facilitate it. I can answer your questions to the best of my ability, perhaps offer suggestions, but an “Event Planner” would be the appropriate person to address.

30 Minute Complimentary Discovery Session

A Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session AKA “Date to Chat” is a time for us to sit and discuss your particular needs and how I can be of assistance. There is NO CHARGE for this session.

While you’re waiting to hear back from me, please take this time to gather up your ideas, questions, and concerns, as well as a possible “Complimentary 30 Minute Phone or Skype Date” times for us to discuss the details of your event request.

Please know, I’m VERY particular with who I work with. I’m limited to the amount of services I can perform; I work only with serious, goal-orientated, results-driven, ladies with exceptional time management skills. Our Time is EXTREMELY valuable and I honor that space.

I choose my clients very carefully, not everyone will receive a “Date to Chat.”

Pricing and Travel Information

Prices are subject to type, location, time of year, my level of involvement, etc.

A majority of my Ministry Services are done in person and locally within in the State of Arizona. However, if possible, I’m definitely open to traveling! I would have to charge for travel fees, accommodations, meals, and would require transportation to and from the event.

Some services can be done long-distance so before you make any decisions lets’s make a “Date to Chat” for your Discovery Session and discover our possibilities!

How to Schedule Your 30 Minute Discovery Session

1. Fill Out the Contact Form Below
2. I’ll Get Back to You Within 24-48 Hours
3. We’ll Schedule Your 30 Minute Discovery Session
4. We’ll Decide if We’re a Good Match and Decide How to Move Forward

Contact Form

Please fill out the following form and click “Submit.” You’ll automatically be directed to another page, 

Thank you very much and please keep an eye out for my email. If you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours PLEASE submit an additional Contact Form. 

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Leif and Kristen Burkhardt- Hanson

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