Work With ME!

Gifts, Passion, and Purpose!

I believe that each and every one of us comes into this world with a specific Gift, a unique Passion or Belief, and with what is known as our “Soul-Purpose.”

Your GIFT is something that is undeniably you. It’s something that people may call and ask you to do, or they may talk about how well you do it.

It’s what you’re known for, perhaps something you do naturally, organically. Your Gift may be so special that when you tried to share it with people they just didn’t understand it or it scared them.

Your PASSION is what motivates you; it’s that fire that burns deep down in our Soul. It’s your burning desire, and what makes you come alive!  What makes you want to be successful? Your Passion is the FUEL for your Gift.

Your SOUL-PURPOSE is doing the true of work of your heart. Your Purpose is what drives you and your business. It’s what you’d spend the rest of your life doing even if you weren’t getting paid. It’s usually what you dream of doing while you feel you have to do something else.

My imagination tells me that your Gift, Passion, and Soul-Purpose has yet to be realized..that you may dream about it, think about, fantasize about it..but you haven’t taken any action to MANIFEST it!

That May Be for a Few Reasons:

*You Think Learning the Tarot is WAY Over Your Head
*You Never Felt Worthy of Abundance
*You’re Afraid of Success
*You’re Afraid of Change
*You Lack Serious Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
*You Have a History of Being Abused
Somebody Messed with You as a Kid
*You Dated (and married) the WORST Possible Men
You Spent Quite a Few Years Addicted to Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Shopping..Food
Many Members of Your Family and Friends are Addicts and Alcoholics
You Come from a Place where People Never Aspired to Success


*You Make Excuses
*You Blame other People for Your Lack of Happiness
*You Got a Lot of Hate in Your Heart
*You Don’t Trust Anyone or Anything
*You’re Jealous of People Who are Successful, Hell You HATE Successful People…
*You Won’t Forgive People that have Hurt You…
*You Act All-Compassionate but Behind Closed Doors You’re a Rager
*You are OVERFLOWING with Guilt, Shame, Pain….FEAR

How Do I Know All of this About YOU?

Because a whole lot of this describes me….well who I USED to be.
Now, I also know that deep down inside you have HOPE! One teeny tiny shred of hope…There is a little girl inside that grown woman’s body who KNOWS she can be successful. She just doesn’t want to admit it. Yet.

I also know that you are a SURVIVOR and that you’re RESILIENT through everything you’ve been through…
You have more Unrecognized POTENTIAL than anyone else I know.
I know that how amazingly resourceful you are, how incredibly SMART, and TALENTED, and BEAUTIFUL you are.
I know you deeply want to change, you just have no idea how..

You WANT to feel complete.
You LONG to Feel loved.
You DESIRE to have real PURPOSE and to help people!

Yes, shit happens but so do Miracles so PICK your POISON…
You want to LIVE or do you want to Die this way?

My Mission, Passion, and Purpose is utilizing a combination of the Tarot and Spirituality to help WOMEN just like YOU shake-off your life’s most difficult experiences to realize your Extraordinary Value and Purest Potential!

Together we’ll discover your Gifts, Passion, and Soul-Purpose and direct them into becoming a Professional Tarot Reader (just like me!) and building your very own TAROT BUSINESS!!

This TIME, You Have Choices:
Listen to Your HEART and Follow Your DREAMS
*Build a WICKED Tarot Business that has GRIT and Grace
*Develop More SELF-CONFIDENCE than You Ever Though Possible
*Decide You’re WORTHY of a Million Dollar Lifestyle
*Create a Brand New Self-Image You Can LOVE and Respect
*Allow Yourself to Be INSPIRED and EXCITED About Something You Love
*Develop CLARITY and CONSISTENCY In Your Life
*Attract Healthy and Loving Relationships
*Release All that Negativity You Hold
*Release ALL of the Shame, Guilt, Pain, and FEAR
*Tell Anyone Who Doesn’t Like the Tarot or YOU to Kiss your ASS!

This TIME, You CAN DO IT… Because You’re Not Alone In the Journey

Why Work With ME?

There are a lot of really good and experienced Tarot Readers and Educators out there. I’ve taken many classes and courses and I’ve worked with some of the very best in the business…

Working with a Tarot Teacher isn’t necessarily about how much skill or expertise we have…it’s about whether or not we can relate to YOU  where you are in the moment!

Your education depends on if we can reach you and that we understand the unique circumstances of your life. Let’s face it, you’re NOT like everybody else…

It’s important to know that that we too have had extraordinary circumstances that WE’VE overcome, that we’ve hit rock bottom, perhaps more than once, and know EXACTLY how to crawl out from the belly of the beast..and find Happily Ever After…

Not so we can coddle you and make excuses for you…but so we know when to put a foot up your ass…or to give you a hug!

I’m that Mentor and Educator.

*I Built My Business from the Ground Up, By Myself
*I have Personal Experience In Every Angle I Teach
*I’ve Walked a Mile (or two) In Your Shoes and I Get You
*I’m Someone Who’s Actually INVESTED In YOU
*I Care Deeply About YOUR Personal Success
*I Understand YOUR Desire to “Get it Right This Time”
*I Understand You Don’t Have Time to Screw Around
*I’m Not Afraid to PUSH when You Need It and I’m Not Afraid to LOVE You when You Need It


I believe that ANYTHING is possible when we put our Faith in Spirit…
I’m here for the long haul, and that you can bank on!

My List of Current Services

*Intuitive Tarot Readings and Courses
*Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Medium Readings
*Tarot Reading “Skill-Set” Mentoring Sessions
*Tarot “Business-Building” Mentoring Sessions
*Tarot, Business, and Spirituality “Q and A” Sessions
Spiritual Connection and Development Sessions
*Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery
*Past Life Regression, Spiritual Release, and Soul Rescue Services
*Ministerial Services, Weddings, Prayer Therapy, Home-Clearing, and Home-Blessings
*Classes, Courses, and Webinars
*Monthly Newsletter with REAL Tips and Tricks to Help your Biz!
*Motivational Speaking Seminars
*(NEW) Professional Tarot MemberShip Program and Facebook CommUnity

Getting Started

Because this is a Global Business, I don’t work from a traditional-style office. I work from my Lap-Top with clients all over the world via Skype, Face-Time, and Webinar Services.

Aside from Tarot Readings, I also offer additional Tarot, Business, and Spiritual Mentoring Sessions along with Hypnotherapy and Ministerial Services to help break-through any personal difficulties you’ve experienced that has prevented you from learning the Tarot and building your own Tarot Business.

To help you choose the best possible services I recommend we begin with a Professional Tarot Reading!  After we discover your personal needs I can choose the best service for you.

Some people are perfectly content with getting a Tarot Reading and find clarity to their questions. For others, a Tarot Reading is just the beginning because it can really open up deep issues in their life that have plagued then from moving forward and living the best life possible.

For complete Tarot Reading information, including my Tarot Education, please visit the Book Your Tarot Reading Now Page.

Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading can help to bring INSIGHT, CLARITY, and RESOLVE to some of your most Life-Challenging situations and can provide you with a FRESH Perspective and Ultimately…PEACE!! For more information please visit the Tarot Readings Page.

Business Mentoring and Spiritual Mentoring

Mentors are more like Facilitators or Teachers. We focus on the individual and their personal growth WITHIN their career field. We strive to help you grow Spiritually, Professionally, Personally, and Emotionally to become their Highest Expression of Self. For more information please visit the Business and Spiritual Mentoring Session Page.

Hypnotherapy/Guided Imagery/Past Life Regression/Spirit Release Sessions

For better understanding and for a complete illustration of what Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spirit Release, and Soul Rescue Services are and how each one can help you or your clients please visit the Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Services Page.

Ministerial Services

Leif and I are both Ordained Ministers through the Universal Brotherhood Movement. We offer limited Ministerial Services such as Weddings, Ceremonies, Rituals, Prayer Therapy, and other Spiritual Services. To find out more please go to the Ministry Service Page.

Courses, Classes, and Webinars

2018 will bring NEW courses including a Brand-New  Program along with THREE ADDITIONAL Courses! My Tarot Program has received a complete overhaul and I slapped a brand-new name and face in it. I’ll have LAUNCH DETAILS very soon! You’re gonna wanna get on my Email List, like now!

Public & Motivational Speaking Engagements

In 2018 I’ll both will be offering unique Speaking Engagement Opportunities.  Dates and content will be announced in Spring of 2018!

Scheduling a Service

Please go to the Contact Page, fill out the Contact Form, with the service you desire in the “Subject Line”.  

1. After I receive your Contact Form I’ll respond within 24-48 hours to answer your questions and schedule your service..
2. You will receive a “Payment Page” to purchase your service.
3.  Then we will schedule your service. All services must be pain in full prior to scheduling.

Current Clients: If you’re a CURRENT CLIENT please contact me to schedule your services:


For payment, I accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Cards ONLY!
Services must be paid for in advance to be scheduled and held. If you “no-show” an appointment I will keep the session fees and you will forfeit the service. If you provide 24 hours or more notice (or more) I’ll absolutely fully refund your money or reschedule for your next available opening, whichever you prefer.  

Hours of Operation

Please check your local listings when considering scheduling.
All times are listed in USA “Arizona TIME”

+ Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM – 8 PM
+ Saturdays from 10 AM until 4 PM
+ I’m currently closed Sundays and Mondays.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

I take my business and YOUR time very seriously. When we schedule your appointment, you’re securing a specific amount of time that is reserved just for you.

If you need to change or cancel your service, please CONTACT ME with-in 24 hours and I’ll HAPPILY RESCHEDULE you at your earliest convenience.

If you’re LATE for your APPOINTMENT it will have to be shortened to allow for the client after you to receive their full allotted time. If you’re more than 15 minutes late I’ll have to forfeit the session and you’ll lose your investment.

When a client fails to show for an appointment it robs me of the opportunity to fill that space and it robs another potential client from receiving the benefit of my services. With proper notice I can easily reschedule another client.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use



Refusal of Service

Because of the personal nature of my business, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who;
+ I don’t feel comfortable with
+ Doesn’t take my work seriously
+ Is attempting to test me or somehow discredit me
+ I feel that I have no connection with
+ Doesn’t read this webpage and follow my scheduling protocol


Please contact me personally with any questions, concerns, or comments at:

Thank YOU Very Much for Visiting,

Brightest Blessings and Namaste’
Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson